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The Sheep in the Year of the Earth Dog 2018

February 20, 2018

Sheep 2018

Who is a Sheep?

Years:  1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015.
Month*:  July
Hour: 01:00 pm – 03:00 pm
Day: ask us
* Caution: the start of the Chinese month can be as early as the 4th & as late as the 9th, depending on the year. I can let you know this too. 

What is a Sheep?

Idealistic, yin earth, not the top getter-onner, the Sheep has well-meant judgements about everybody which can sometimes keep her stuck in first gear. For the unbalanced Sheep (July birthday and/or mid-afternoon birth) ambition and foolishness are pretty much the same thing. On the other side of the fence the grass is not greener; it’s actually brown on both sides. The balanced Sheep though, as well as being an expert judge of people, knows exactly what matters and is not easily diverted from it. Metal Sheep Rupert Murdoch as an example, may be all sorts of deluded but not in the above regard.

Conversely, the value of caution and conservatism is often clear in Sheep relationships. The most obvious of these is with the extrovert, spontaneous Horse whose sidekick the Sheep often ends up being. With the Sheep beside him, the Horse’s fun may be a little less riotous but he will also stay out of serious trouble. The Horse and Sheep of 1978 and 1979 for instance, are often a tag team who go out drinking and clubbing together. The Sheep may stand back in amazement at the Horse’s daring but she is there both to pick up the pieces and to take advantage when these risks bear fruit. The Horse dances on tables, the Sheep buys the drinks. This of course illustrates a psychological truth about the Sheep: the risk-taking they shy away from is exactly what attracts them most. What often follows also is that a desirable partner, on the rebound from a Horse, finds a steadier proposition in the Sheep.

Anyway, placed as you are between the Horse and the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac, you understand the tricky Monkey. There is generally a certain mutual wariness but this unorthodox team is capable of magic. Consider btw the eternal rectangle of Monkeys Wendi Deng and Jerry Hall, Horse Mick Jagger and Sheep Rupert Murdoch. Perhaps throw in Horse Cherie and Snake Tony Blair to make it interesting.

The Sheep also affiliates easily with the Pig and the Rabbit. This is a very domestic alliance. The Chinese ideograph for home is a Pig under a roof and the average Rabbit would also happily stay home 24/7 if allowed to. The Rabbit is the diplomat and mixer while the Pig who is inherently versatile, takes up the slack of whatever jobs there are to perform. The Sheep makes things safe. She will have ensured for instance that there are no mutually sworn enemies on the guest list. The typical Sheep is an ideal social secretary as well as a master resolver of conflict. Psycho-therapy is among the appropriate career paths.

The Sheep is passionate, representing the yin or feminine side of sexuality, but whether male or female, he is more seducer than chatter up.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Sheep forms a team with the Dog, the Dragon and the Ox. Individually each of these three is somewhat intimidating to her but when this group gathers, the Sheep’s unique gifts become essential: drawing flexibility from the Dog, humility from the Dragon and cheerful co- operation from the autocratic Ox. Above all she ensures peace among them. Even if all she does is make the coffee, the Sheep is a comforter of the insecure. She understands that most barkers never bite and that aggression is simply inverted fear. When in doubt, join.

Richard Ashworth©

September 2017: Richard Talks About the Dog Month and the Dog Year

September 24, 2017
Five students graduated my starter courses last week. This means that they now have a great deal of information and a lifetime to learn how to apply it. Some have been invited to continue on my Mentoring Programme but we now have one or two vacancies from October.

If you’d like to learn Chinese Astrology and/or Authentic Traditional feng shui by Skype this year, do let Sheila know at sheilaashworthfengshui@gmail.

There is a new extra-special deal for registering for both courses together.

Feng without Shui: My Diary for the Month of the Earth Sheep 2017

July 7, 2017

Poundbury: feng without shui.
My diary for the month of the Fire Sheep
(06:21 7th July 2017 to 15:27 7th August inclusive)
in the Year of the Fire Rooster.


—-  —-
—-  —-

Coming to Meet
Hexagram 33

The Sheep Month
Animal by Animal
During this Fire Sheep Month,
The Rat is on the retreat,
The Ox is sticking,
The wise Tiger finds opening,
The Rabbit blooms,
The Dragon mediates,
The Snake at last seeks counsel,
The Horse doesn’t,
The Sheep is on the periphery,
Wise Monkeys wait their turn,
The Rooster counts the gain,
The Dog may be especially restless,
The Pig comes home.

A 3 month; about aspiration and persistence.
Most helpful locations: North, East, North-East.
Least helpful: West.
Favoured Animals: Sheep, Horse, Pig, Rabbit.
Especially challenged one way or another: (still) Rat and Ox.

Animal Fortunes for the Rooster year remain on the website all year:
2017: Year of the Turkey. Now may be the time.

Learn ba zi and feng shui with Richard one-to-one in 2017. See end panel.

Where to do what, when and why

Summary: Here’s where wealth and success are hiding this month.
North East, Wealth Star: Year Star: 4 gip sat, Month Star: 6
This month could bring windfalls or the arrival of substantial delayed payments. Be here to receive them; this is the correct place and orientation for the leader and entrepreneur at this point. And again this applies especially to West Group kua (8,6,7,2) as well as many Rats and Pigs. Financial creativity is happening here, artistic not so much.
Monthly Enhancement: A bowl of fresh Water changed daily.
Annual SolutionFire, (eg bright light). 4 Plants (eg 4 bamboos in Water).

One to avoid; where not to be this month

Summary: Here’s how not to suffer a plague of frogs this summer.
South, Bright Future: Year Star: wu huang, Month Star: 7
with 5 is a money loss combination, the South is about visibility and the represents interference. So loss of face too, public interference, public loss especially for Rats & Oxen and West Group kuas (6 7 8); this is not the place to talk indiscriminately. It could be a costly place to be this month if you dig or drill as well as a sickly one. Best for: female East Group kuas (134 or 9) Tigers, Dogs or Sheep. Risky, so stay clear if possible. Don’t over-illuminate. These comments apply to users of South-facing doors, South-oriented desks and beds and the Southern sector of the house measured from its centre or tai chi; poor all year of course, it’s a little better next month
Month Enhancement t’ang lung plus reduced light.
Play it safewu lou.
Annual Solutiont’ang lung.

East and West GroupsEverybody falls into either the East or the West Group by virtue of their birth date. The calculation is simple but if you do want to know where you belong, email me at
Readers Digest version: East Group people are best to face East, South, South-East and North and/or in buildings and beds backing onto these directions. West Group vice-versa. Sorry it’s fiddly, I’m not making this stuff up.

Know your inner beast. How Sheep are you?

Birth in the Sheep Hour (1-3pm)~: clubbable children.
Birth on the Sheep Day#: idealist, hippy values.
Birth during the Sheep Month (July)*: don’t work alone.
Birth in the Sheep Year: bohemian heritage.
~ GMT. # You’ll need a Chinese calendar for this. * Caution: Chinese months start later

Poundbury: feng without shui.

“If one knows how to empty and open the mind, one can fill the belly. Once one has filled the belly, fortune and misfortune are in the palm of the hand.”
Liu I-Ming.

There are reckoned to be more Roman remains under Dorchester in Dorset than any other conurbation in Europe. The Romans obviously liked broad hills and sea-views and obviously they built villas where the land was fertile. The villas were set up much lower down of course on what is termed the “military ridge” where they could see and not be seen and were protected from the constant British winds. To the South of Dorchester lies Maiden Castle, an iron age hillfort probably last occupied when the Romans invaded. From its summit you can see agricultural land laid out in Saxon hide-measures in every direction, some of it arable, some of it given over to sheep, some to cattle, all as green as laurel at this time of year.

Maiden doesn’t look much like a castle; more like a cattle-enclosure a dozen football pitches wide. There are ramparts but they are of earth not stone and after all this time they seem more like natural hillocks and mounds than defences. Like most castles Maiden was a place of retreat in times of invasion. There is natural Water here and archaeologists have found plenty of evidence of episodic habitation; the local Celtic tribe, the Durotriges (hence Dorset) clearly had their differences with the Dumnoni (hence Devon) to the West and with the Atrebates of Hampshire and Sussex to the East. And finally in 43 AD they holed up here for a final showdown with the invading Romans. And – spoiler alert – this time they lost. The wind may swirl around but the enclosure itself is quite protected. Nonetheless it was not enough to withstand Roman discipline and superior technology.

Feng shui of course means Wind Water and this name incorporates its central principles: as the Book of Odes states it – “The qi (that is energy, power, life) comes down from the Mountain on the Wind and is held at the Water.” Until the Wind is under control, no enclosure be it house, office or new-age model community supports life. I have known businesses that could not get started, set on windy promontories and indeed premature death from the restless Wind ailments such Parkinson’s Disease, motor neurones and epilepsy. Natural Water holds the qi and of course so does Wood, that is to say the trees that are naturally found bordering Water.

Between Maiden and the next hill along, there used to be an avenue of mature ash trees lining the old A35. Last week I took that route up to the Duchess of Cornwall – which is not only the title of the Prince of Wales’ fragrant consort but also a hotel atop Poundbury, deep in the Prince’s experimental community. I was driven there by my client about whom I’m allowed to tell you no more than that she is a talented herbalist whose ointment is the only thing that has ever relieved the pain of my arthritic left thumb. Yes; some people have high status serious arthritis, I’ve just got the one annoying digit to which no amount of glucosamine sulphate, green-lipped mussel or dulcamara 6 has  made the slightest difference. But that ointment is miraculous. Thankyou E.

The Duchess – the hostelry not the Queen-in-waiting – is magnificent like all the buildings in Poundbury. Everything, social housing, shops, halls, are magnificent, the mean height appearing to be five storeys plus. It’s something like the Valley of the Kings or possibly even Auschwitz, a queasy hybrid of mausoleum and theme park. But a theme park lacking a theme – unless the theme is indicated by the 2-to-1 scale statue of the Queen Mother that studs the hotel courtyard. The plan I’m told, was to serve the human being not the car but – dur – there’s no railway station and although Waitrose (of course) is reached by raised pavement and portico, the roads are too narrow for the buildings. It’s as if every one of them thinks it’s the Albert Hall. And carbon-neutral or no, there are a lot of cars here.

It’s easy of course to shy at the heir apparent’s grandiosity – good-hearted and remote old article as he clearly is – but I’m a feng shui man and here’s what I know: communities grow up around natural Water and where roads meet and I think there’s none of the first here and the A35 roundabout dividing the roads to Yeovil and Sidling doesn’t amount to a crossroads.

And it’s easy also to pick holes in a hotel. But…..the room I’m in is tiny and the bed isn’t; there’s plenty space for Shrek plus Cameron Diaz and Donkey. It’s some task to walk around it. The picture window over the courtyard offers blackout curtains or nothing. So I’m presented with a choice of artificial light or potential arrest as an exhibitionist. There are lamps and bulbs everywhere, I turn off fully six before I can settle and one socket continues to glow. There’s another in the ceiling to reassure me I guess, that the sprinkler is operational – good to know so soon after Grenfell Tower but who can sleep easily with a beacon winking over their head?

It’s graceless to say but such grandeur could so easily have been made welcoming if someone had actually tried out the room; a Secret Sleeper if you will. The bathroom basin doesn’t drain which makes for a ring of toothpaste scum and the bath – I like a bath when I’ve been following a fit young herbalist around the Dorset countryside for much of the day, it’s a very hilly county, you know. The bath has a clever non-removable plug which is displaced as soon as you turn on the tap. Exhausted I skip the evening round of this challenge but 4am finds me leaning over the rim and holding the plug down until the water is at a level sufficient to resist the power of the flow.

And so on. Which is not my point. What is my point is that if you asked me for one essential – “What do I look out for when choosing a home?” – it would be: never try to live where the land is windswept. And Poundbury is despite the egregious architecture, racked by wind. At night wind is the soundtrack. And what would protect against it? Why, mature trees. And those ashes went the way of all bark in 2004.

I’ve known homes on similar ridges where it’s been impossible to settle, fatalities as I said, too. The wind whether on the Cheshire heights or the Cornish coast just doesn’t give up. You’d never find a Roman villa exposed like that. Only castles and cathedrals are deliberately placed on high.

And Maiden Castle as I also said, was a gathering place in times of invasion. In point of fact iron age hillforts are exactly what gave rise to the motte and bailey design of Norman castles; elevated battlements for defence, open space for the defended. And Poundbury is more like Maiden than anything else; in its grandiosity, in its impenetrability and above all in its anachronism. This is not its time. Like Maiden, it was only under great pressure that it was ever going to be a community. And yet….

Unlike much of its produce and menus, Poundbury is not organic. It’s not a natural meeting of the ways. It’s feng without shui if you like. The Wind will always prevail.
Richard Ashworth © 2017 

Learn ba zi and feng shui one-to-one with Richard this year.
As of September 2017 Richard will have space in his schedule for two more starter students. For the time being these are individual one-to-one Skypes consisting of sixteen one-hour sessions of starter ba zi followed by the same of starter feng shui. Sessions will be on a Thursday or Friday. No prior knowledge of feng shui ba zi or other esoterica is required. Regular price for each of these two courses is £1500 but we are offering the pair of courses for £2500 for both if paid in full by the end of July.

Subscriptions (and further info):

Richard Ashworth is among the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He has worked from the Lebanon to Bermuda and with stars such as Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson and unusually for a Western Master, has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore. His day job remains “walking round people’s spaces being enigmatic”.
Richard Ashworth©

Richard Ashworth’s Horse Diary from 5th June 2017

June 6, 2017
Tuition and Intuition.
My diary for the month of the Fire Horse
(19:57 5th June to 06:21 7th July 2017 inclusive)
in the Year of the Fire Rooster.


—-  —-

Coming to Meet
Hexagram 44

The Horse Month
  Animal by Animal
During this Fire Horse Month,
The Rat is likely to be pushed back,
The Ox is at 6s and 7s,
Tigers leap,
The Rabbit steps carefully between the cracks,
The Dragon freewheels on momentum,
The well-prepared Snake climbs high,
The Horse disdains her own company,
The Sheep is valued,
The smart Monkey treads carefully,
The Rooster bakes,
The Dog may have a complaint to lodge,
The Pig changes tack.

Animal Fortunes for the Rooster year remain on the website all year:
2017: Year of the Turkey. Now may be the time.

Where to do what, when and why
Summary: Here’s where wealth and success are hiding this month.
North, Distant Future: Year Star: 6, Month Star: 9
The 9 arriving North brings future prospects even closer. This is the place to focus previously vague plans prior to putting them into action in July.
Due to the monthly san sha, keep it gentle; no loud parties, cement mixing.
Bold and clear plans made here and now offer special support to East Group kuas (1, 3, 4 & 9) Monkey, Dragon, Ox and Rat, especially in imaginative and creative pursuits. No serious downside if you keep it subtle; action in July brings results.
Monthly Enhancement: bright light.
Annual Solution: A large (6kg+) rose quartz, a little Metal, occasional Water

One to avoid; where not to be this month
Summary: Here’s how not to suffer a plague of frogs this summer.
North West, Authority: Year Star: 2, Month Star: 5.
You know the 5 Star, of course; it ruled last month. Nasty. This month it impedes authority, teaching and the role of the patriarch in the NW. A house facing NW or with a busy door oriented that way will tend to suffer most. Bad news for Fathers, leaders and those in legitimate authority who risk illness, especially of lung and chest if they reside here or face this way.
Keep this area as still quiet and unoccupied as possible.
Monthly Solution: Metal; eg 6-pipe Metal windchime. Peace and quiet best.
Annual Solution: Red 6 (six Chinese coins tied up with red thread) and wu lou (gourd) are reckoned effective against the 2.

East and West Groups: Everybody falls into either the East or the West Group by virtue of their birth date. The calculation is simple but if you do want to know where you belong, email me at
Readers Digest version: East Group people best face East, South, South-East and North and/or in buildings and beds backing onto these directions. West Group vice-versa. Sorry it’s fiddly, I’m not making this stuff up.

Know your inner beast. How Horse are you?
Birth in the Horse Hour (11am-1pm)~: extrovert children.
Birth on the Horse Day#: shoot first, ask questions later.
Birth during the Horse Month (June)*: physical work for preference.
Birth in the Horse Year: inherited impetuosity.
~ GMT. # You’ll need a Chinese calendar for this. * Caution: Chinese months start later
Tuition and Intuition.

“The superior man is concerned that goodness should be an established attribute of character rather than an accidental and isolated occurrence.”
The Book of Changes, Hexagram 29, The Abyss.

A 4 month; about innovation and curiosity.
Most helpful location: North.
Favoured Animals: Sheep, Dog, Tiger.
Especially challenged one way or another: Rat and Ox.

You may think of yourself as the Animal of your year of birth, but you’ll recall that you are also ruled by the Animal of your Month, Day and Hour, all with differing implications. If you were born on an Ox day for instance you may now be entering a month of hard personal decisions.

On the other hand someone whose birth month is ruled by the Dog (October) may find work and education proceeding swimmingly. For all of us Hexagram 44 implies either an important new acquaintance or rediscovery of an old and equally important one.

And it’s a Fire Horse – the most fiery of the Zodiac Animals and often the totem of the impetuous. This is a month when there may for all, but particularly for Ox and Rat be a rash of er…rash behaviour. As we approach a General Election and with international politics so delicate, this makes for a quite restive period. Behaviour and outcomes may be hard to read. As Nate Silver implies in The Signal and the Noise, the key to forecasting is getting our preferences out of the way. Silver would probably not agree but often this leads to intuition; informed intuition but intuition all the same.

So you’ll understand how it is that when I am deciphering a ba zi or “reading” a house, I will tend to trust the intuition that comes from nowhere precisely because it is not my opinion. Sometimes that intuition will be expressed in my body, it’ll literally be a feeling.

I remember once surveying a house and noticing pain in my teeth. I was not overdue for dental attention and had not been at the Haribos, so I knew the sensation did not belong to me and so I asked my client: “Does anyone here have problems with their teeth?” “No,” she said and I carried on but I could not help noticing that the apartment was on the ground floor, close to the road in a shopping district.

Perhaps an hour later, I was sitting down with her for a debrief and I asked what the place had been used for in the past, given its commercial location.

“A dentist’s,” she said.

So returning to the point, this may for all of us be a month of impulsive behaviour and one in which the balance of head and gut is tested. Trust what you know, I suggest but be very aware that there are different varieties of knowledge. Remember this at the ballot box maybe. Apart from the lizards, David Icke is beginning to look quite prophetic.
Richard Ashworth © 2017
And here’s the (Western Astrological) take of the very perceptive Lorna Bevan: 5D Astrology Report June 2017 – Seeing Round Corners

Subscriptions (and further info):

Richard Ashworth is among the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He has worked from the Lebanon to Bermuda and with stars such as Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson and unusually for a Western Master, has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore. His day job remains “walking round people’s spaces being enigmatic”.

Richard Ashworth©

About Time Already

September 26, 2013


About Time Already or why you should be studying ba zi with Richard Ashworth in 2014.

I never fail to be astonished by Richard’s relentless and dedicated quest to unravel the secrets of ba zi. His researches have taken him to many parts of the globe to learn from traditional masters and in turn to share his discoveries with them. Few, if any, Western teachers would surpass his knowledge of this particular field of Chinese traditional culture.”   Derek Walters, author of the Complete Guide to Chinese Astrology.

My next starter professional ba zi course Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars, takes place over four weekends starting January 18th/19th2014. These groups are always made up of interesting, smart and very individual people. Although the material is academic – it’s not rocket science but you’ll need to do your homework – the process itself is often life-changing. Join us if you’d like to change lives for the better; including but not limited to your own. Prior familiarity with feng shui principles is helpful but far from necessary. See my ‘Special offer’ at the end of this.

What is a ba zi?

In his newest movie About Time, Richard Curtis, writer-director of the classic Love Actually, has his time-travelling hero return to the beginning of each completed day and re-live it. This gives him the opportunity to see the choices he makes moment by moment; in relationship, career, family, vocation and so on. Imagine the opportunity to revisit our choices for better or for worse, to see how we got here and gain some knowledge of where we are headed.

The ba zi is a snapshot of the prevailing Elements at our birth. Since the Elements recur cyclically, such a snapshot can be run forward to show glimpses of both likely futures and likely pasts. It can show strengths, weaknesses – even hidden ones – opportunities, preferences and above all choices. These insights may relate to career, relationship, health or other concerns. If we can identify moments of choice it may be that we can un- or re-choose. Imagine that.

The roots of ba zi. 

The ba zi has been used in a thousand ways since before the T’ang dynasty. No mediaeval Master would perform a feng shui survey without knowing the ba zi of those within the building. No responsible parent would approve a suitor for his daughter whose ba zi was not compatible, nor any king ally with another ruler if their ba zis did not chime. Learning Four Pillars is a way of knowing people more deeply; your friends, your family, your colleagues, your boss, your rivals, your clients.

Dissolving Stuckness. 

Ba zi is also perhaps the most effective method of block-busting and dissolving stuckness there is. Once we see our choices we have power over them. Imagine that.

This Course. 

This is a professional starter course and at its conclusion, the attentive student will be able to draft ba zi in Chinese characters. It’s not actually that hard. You will have met the Ten Gods, the Special Stars and the Life Palaces among other traditional Chinese tropes. After that although ba zi is a life’s study, you will also have at your disposal all the tools required for interpretation.

Richard Ashworth.

Richard is probably best known internationally for his traditional yet unique approach to ba zi or the Four Pillars of Destiny. A look at this video of him talking to the Grand Masters at the IFSC in Singapore may give you some idea of what you’re letting yourself in for.

Special Offer: Sign up & pay in full by 1st October & save £200 on the Early Bird price. The whole course – that’s four weekends plus all the written material –  for just £1,000.

To arrange:


Or call 01483 428998