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Grace and Favour: the Fire Ox Month, 2020

January 8, 2020
Auspicious Dates and Places
The (12th) month of the Fire Ox, 2020.
(06:06am 7th January to 17:18pm 4th February 2020 inclusive)
as the Year turns from Earth Pig to Metal Rat.

—-  —-
—-  —-
—-  —-
—-  —-
Hexagram 19

The Fire Ox Month, Animal by Animal
The Pig holds back,
The Rat pokes,
The Ox is still in charge,
The Tiger is spoiled for (and by) choice,
The Rabbit cruises,
The Dragon makes no big decisions yet,
The Snake loiters in anticipation,
The unprepared Horse mat falter,
The Sheep too,
The Monkey runs amok,
The Rooster waits a while,
The Dog makes merry while she can.


Special attention this Month: everything you always wanted to know about the Metal Rat year but didn’t dare to ask:

A 9 month                              emphasises & makes public.
The Ox Month                        can introduce small blockages.
Where to be this month:       North West, tai chi.
Where not to be this month: North, East, South.
Favoured Animals:                 Snake, Rooster, Ox, Rat – in any Pillar.
Especially challenged:           Horse, Sheep, Pig, Rabbit.
The Hexagram (above):           Lin Advancing. Earth over Lake

8             6
7       9       2
3       5       1
Fire Ox

This month’s lo shu: wu huang  5 North 😦  san sha East 😦

Grace and Favour: the Fire Ox Month, 2020. 
He who is in a state of rebellion cannot receive grace.”  Oscar Wilde.
De Profundis.

The Ox Month is associated with the small blockages to which yin Earth is heir while the Metal Rat’s central concern is difficult communication. That’s a powerful if demanding combination. And this year and this month are both of those things.

The Metal in the mouth of this Rat is cold and bitter; there are hard truths to tell both to power and the masses. 2019 suggested that democracy works but not perhaps as it ought to. The crowd may not be so wise after all. The truths to be told are mostly linear, they represent the logic and calculation of Metal.

Traditionally Rats by birth “poke” a Year Rat. This year that poking may consist of trusting such calculation. No amount of self-delusion can explain away the burning of Australia as anything other than climate change; 50,000 years of separate evolution shows no sign of previous such disasters. It’s us; we’re doing it.

How do we help? It looks like the Pig will be empowered to talk this year. And the Pig’s ally the Tiger. Pigs include Hillary Clinton, Tigers David Attenborough. The Horse who embodies Fire is seriously challenged, both this month and this year – who’d have thought that? As we enter the 9th Chinese Fate, Fire becomes the topic and Water the instrument.

There will be more detail for all birth signs in my Animal Fortunes Bulletins, this year again in collaboration with my brilliant student Stephanie Stewart  and live(!) in London on the evening of the 20th January. It will be recorded but do join us for forecasts and a gathering of the New Aged.

Meanwhile, returning to this month, the Ox will tend to dictate the agenda. That’s you perhaps but also Jeremy Corbyn and Elizabeth Warren. Rats – poking duties notwithstanding – are favoured, along with Dragons and Monkeys. Sheep are at a disadvantage as are Pigs & Rabbits who both have a pretty good year ahead but are best advised to spend this month gently preparing. Were it not for the working week and the electric light bulb, we’d all be doing that.

And let’s remember that no astrological analysis can never do any one of us full justice. We each have free will and grace comes to those who will allow it. The World’s in tatters. It has been before and it will be again. Calculation is not everything.
Richard Ashworth 2020

Where to be in January.
Summary: gains for those who locate NorthWest.
North West, Authority: Year Star: 9/8 tai sui (2019) Month Star:1
Either 9 or 8 hosting 1 is pretty helpful. Some Masters would say mature relationship (Hexagram 32) is the likely outcome either way. The trend however will be away from outrageous passion to something more cosy. If this sounds like your cup of tea here’s where to place the teapot. And yourself of course.  One by product may be a change of job; inconvenient but likely to bring better cash flow
Enhance for wealth: Fire – bright light.

Where not to be in January.
Summary: fraught.
East, Ambition: Year Star: 6/5 Month Star: 7. wu huang (2020).
Very aggressive – Metal 6 & 7 are proverbial combatants – and getting worse with the arrival of the ruthless 5 that’ll be there all year. The East – door, room, location – is pretty much out of bounds now most for 2020. By all means face East but don’t locate there. Keep this area still & quiet if you can. And keep your attention on 1st & 4th Sons – yours, others, those you grew up with; they’re likely to need support. And watch this space – we’ll harness that 5 power later in the year.
Assist: Water: t’ang lung or in extremis Salt Water Cure.
Richard Ashworth ©2020.

Richard Ashworth is among the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He has worked from Lebanon to Bermuda, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and with stars such as Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson. Unusually for a Western Master, he has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore. His day job remains “walking round people’s spaces being enigmatic”.

Every month we send (at a modest fee) retainer clients a more comprehensive monthly bulletin than this one, covering in detail right places to be (and when) as well as helpful days Animal by Animal and much more from the Chinese calendar.
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Forecast Day for the Metal Rat Year 2020

October 11, 2019

2020, Who moved my Cheese?

The Watershed Year of the Metal Rat. 

All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.”

Julian of Norwich. 

On Saturday December 7th & Sunday December 8th I’ll be forecasting the Metal Rat Year online via Zoom. Very easy to join btw – we just send you a link and you click. No prior knowledge of Chinese metaphysics required.

2020, A Watershed Year.

A Master once said that feng shui is like poker; the trick is to capitalise when the force is with you and play safe when it isn’t. That is as true at home as it is at work, as true domestically as globally; as true in the sphere of relationship as in the sphere of health. And in the demanding year that beckons, especially so.

The saying goes that the only constant is change and during the workshop we will be discussing what changes are coming with the New Chinese New Year. Where should you locate for best advantage? Which Animals are set to prosper, which to consolidate and what is to be done about it? Also what is the likely trend of world events? How do we best respond?

So what’s on the cards?

Metal Rats are watershed years. You might remember 1960 when there was a brand new US President. They say that politics is showbiz for ugly people and all that glamour and youth in the White House was a new thing indeed. 1960 of course ushered in the “Swinging Sixties”, a new age of personal freedoms. Meanwhile Rachel Carson was writing “Silent Spring” the earliest account of the damage we are doing to the planet.

A Metal Rat year is a grinder, a melting pot. The archetype, Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat is possessed of sharp teeth and tongue, he’s cynical and opportunistic but ultimately on the side of the angels. These qualities pervade the year: much change, some drastic, all of which can add up to gains, given nimble feet. It’s unlikely to be an easy one for the most part but we’ll aim to point you in the right directions to make the best use of it.

We will be looking closely at the fortunes of each Animal; every year brings winners as well as losers: each of your Month, Day and Hour of Birth are ruled by a Zodiac Animal as is your Year, as you know. Dragons are mostly boosted in 2020 for instance but even if your birth was not in 1952, 64, 76, 88 or 2000, it may have been on a Dragon Day, a Dragon Hour or a Dragon Month.

We will look closely at this, so be sure to have all four of your Four Pillars to hand. As each Pillar relates to a different area of your activity, it may well be that a Horse of 1954, 1966 or 1978 say, who might otherwise expect a thin time was born on an Ox day which implies an increase in personal power.

We’ll be looking of course at the fresh patterns of energy; The New Year qi dictates new areas to work and sleep and create. The tai sui (that is the most powerful feng shui energy) will be coming in from due North this time. We won’t be facing that way even if it’s one of our personal best directions; that would be like wilfully facing a tempest. But we will be locating and facing in directions, month by month, where we can expect a following wind. 

What else will we learn?

We’ll consider what’s likely to happen where and when; Last year the map indicated trouble in the straits of Hormuz. That was on the button – for which I take no credit; it’s just careful drafting. This year we’ll look again. We’ll see how we are ourselves affected as well as what we can do to help.

We’ll trace the progress of the year by way of the Book of Changes; the Four Hexagrams of the year allow us to track the ebb and flow of the prevailing energy, week by week as it peaks and falls.

We’ll look at the indications of Qi Men Dun Jia, the cutting edge of Chinese divination, for some magical dates that you can employ.

All things are cyclical.

As rain follows sun, so light comes after darkness. Based on the Gan Zi Cycle which has been guiding Chinese Diviners for most of four millennia, I’ve been predicting financial collapse in 2020 for the best part of a decade. Now I’m not even outspoken. We are however additionally facing drastic environmental change as well as multiple extinctions and various forms of tyranny.

But the other side of collapse is renewal. All over the world resistance to careless authority and poor maintenance of the planet is popping up. Again, as I noted a decade ago. You won’t remember the Metal Rats of 1900, 1840, 1720 or 1660 (all of which offer indications) but the reassurance that the Gan Zi Cycle offers is that everything is cyclical. All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

We’ll see what we can do, personally, socially, at work and at play to emerge into 2020 with a bright future and a healthier planet. Join us.

Richard Ashworth. © 2019 

The Boring Bit:

The price is £100 for one day if paid by October 31st and £125 after that. Please add £5 if paying via Zoom. Places are very limited.

Saturday 7th will run approx from 10:00 until 17:00 GMT (with breaks)

Sunday 8th will run approx. from 14:00 until 17:00 GMT (with breaks)

Please note that you will be given the facility to record via Paypal, we will not be providing a recording.

Please email to book your place and for any more info you might need including help with Zoom.