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Earth Pig Forecast Day 2019 UK: A World of Truffles

October 26, 2018
A World of Truffles
Richard’s Forecast Day for the Earth Pig Year 2019
Godalming, Saturday 1st December 2018.

2019 The Year of the Earth Pig.

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglit.
“My favourite day,” said Pooh.
AA Milne.

The Pig is an optimist. She’s a sticker because she know things work out. Even when they look like they won’t. This is that kind of year, I think.

As it happens some of the most important events in Chinese history have fallen into Pig years – notably 1911 when the first shots of revolution were fired and 1935 the year of the legendary Long March. These both formed the beginnings of long series of events; there was blood, sweat and toil to follow before the tasks were complete. The Metal Pig Year (often called the Golden Pig) is proverbially prosperous but that prosperity is the culmination of concentrated effort.

As I said, it’s going to be that kind of year. My task as diviner and thinker-ahead is to suggest ways to work this to our advantage. And not just for the Rabbits, Sheep and Tigers whose free ticket may come at the price of awareness.

Above all the Pig is versatile. From the earliest times rural Chinese kept Pigs in the lower floors of their houses – perhaps the earliest form of central heating. This speaks both of the ingenuity and realism of the Chinese and the usefulness of pigs. Or Pigs.

So those born in the Pig year (1947, 59, 71, 83 & 95) are likely to be multi-talented multi-taskers and have many interests. Career wise they may be spoiled for choice. Which is mostly a good thing of course. But as financier, inventor, entrepreneur and mega-sulk Elon Musk demonstrates, not always. And it’s this ability to improvise that will be most valuable this year.

For the rest of us the Earth Pig may mean the sort of upheavals that require us to adapt rapidly. This may apply to your home, your business, your social or your love life. Or all of the above. At home alterations may become necessary, at work, space may be needed for new personnel; socially we may be called upon to suspend judgement and mix with strangers. Outside in the wider world, Brexit, the mid-term elections of the Trump administration and mayhem in the Middle East promise chaos.

Things affect different people differently of course. Rabbits will tend to take this all in their stride while Snakes like Bashar-al-Assad may have big learning thrust upon them. Not a great year for him by the way. Or Monkeys such as Theresa May and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page.

There’s much more: gravitating to the centre of things will help most of us. Those in houses facing Northwest or Southwest should probably use a different entrance. We will all generally tend to be more dependent upon authority and less trusting of it.

Of all the Animals the Pig is the least able to ask for help. This may be why the formation of cliques and exclusive groups of males are not a Pig kind of thing. Stevie Smith’s poem “Not waving but drowning” is about a Pig. The lessons of a Pig year tend to be about cooperating in order to get by or get ahead. And Pigs themselves are not so great at it; Derren Brown has an interesting year ahead of him while the positivity of Tigers like affable NHS leach Richard Branson may be more distant whistle than anthem and the populist roar of Greek premier Alexis Tsipras more shrill than chilling.

What about your own Animal and your home? The only constant, as the proverb goes, is change and if you know how there are always ways to roll with new challenges and wrestle them to our advantage.

On Dec 1st in Godalming I will be outlining what’s likely to be happening to whom and in which part of the world and which part of your house in 2019 and what to do about it. Join us.                                                                                                 

And on Dec 2nd via Zoom. Timing will depend on your time zone, spaces very strictly limited.                                                                                                                                                 

The cost is £125.00. If paying by Paypal please add a £5.00 supplement to cover their charges.                                                                                                                                                   For more details contact:

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