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Richard Ashworth’s Diary for the Metal Rat 2016

December 6, 2016
Higher Perches: here comes the Rooster.
My diary for the month of the Metal Rat
(01:54am Dec 7th to 12:36pm Jan 5th inclusive)
in the Year of the Fire Monkey.Fu

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The Return
Hexagram 24

The Rat Month
Animal by Animal
During this Metal Rat Month,
The Rat opens up,
The Ox takes charge,
The Tiger tools up,
The shrewder Rabbit takes it moment by moment,
The Dragon flexes,
The Snake makes new plans,
The average Horse bridles,
The Sheep joins up,
The Monkey lets go,
The Rooster checks out the opposition,
The Dog licks wounds and anything else he can find,
The Pig is ready to roll.

Know your inner beast. How Ratty are you?
Birth in the Rat Hour (11pm-1am)~: talkative organised kids.
Birth on the Rat Day#: dynamic relationship.
Birth during the Rat Month (November)*: at work, watch your tongue.
Birth in the Rat Year: lively upbringing.
~ GMT. # You’ll need a Chinese calendar for this. * Caution: Chinese months start later.

Where to do what, when and why
Summary: Here’s where recent plans now manifest.
East, Ambition: Year Star: 9 Dragon Virtue, Month Star: 8.
Again. The best. If you used the East intelligently last month, the fruits of your plans follow. The 8 Star here especially boosts the Eldest Son, young men and the ambitious generally while Dragon Virtue looks out for reputation. It’s Winter, so evergreen plants may be helpful or cut flowers to keep it alive. If you’re here constantly – which is not a bad idea – activate the area with gentle care.
Favours: East Group kuas: 1, 3, 4 & 9, some Rabbits, Pigs, Dogs, Sheep.

East and West Groups: Everybody falls into either East or West Group by virtue of their birth date. The calculation is simple but if you want to know which you are, email me at
Readers Digest version: East Group people best face East, South, South-East and North and/or in buildings and beds backing onto these directions. West Group vice-versa. Sorry it’s fiddly, I’m not making this stuff up.

Winter Solstice: Wed Dec 21st 19:35 Fire Ox; Carriage, Remove.
You may think of this as a time of renewal (and you’d be right) but the actual day is probably one of sudden change as the Fire Ox takes charge. Don’t travel that day and don’t part with anything valuable.
Caution: Sheep, Horse.
Especially helpful to: Rat, Ox, Rooster, Snake.

All change.
Ding yuw tin yute gwai yan.
The T’ung Shu or Farmers’ Almanac for 2017.
On the 7th December, the year energy which has since the Summer Solstice been descending, begins to rise again. This is the eternal cycle of dying and growing to which all things are subject; you, me, rats, turkeys and elephants, the Great Barrier Reef and Mt Kilimanjaro, rain, snow, daffodils, stink fruit and Donald Trump. In some senses the Fire Rooster, the Year of the Turkey has begun.

This month’s magic square gives us a foretaste. It’s also a 1 lo shu, like that of the year to come. Where 2016 (a 2 Year) was about woman and the expression of the female, this Rat month and the whole of 2017 are about communication. But that communication has a new tinge to it.  It may be negotiation, blandishment, enlightenment or warning but for esoteric reasons the quality is different and (you might say) better.

Briefly, we have for the last (some say approx.) 20 years been transiting the 8th Chinese Fate. In the 8th Fate, dates, times and spaces designated as 2 – that is to do with woman, increase and growth have been considered poisonous because they are technically not timely. In fact the 2 of kun the Mother, co-operation, relationship and empowerment along with a whole lot of gifts we could use in a big way right now, has not been considered helpful for over 100 years. This month however, by some calculations, we move into the 9th Fate which makes the 2 just begin to be timely, that is to say positive. This advance into a female wisdom that has frankly been at a premium for much longer will amplify over the next 40 years and peak around 2070, by which time there’ll be new problems I will not be around to decipher.

Meanwhile the month obviously enough favours Rats, the spokespeople of the Chinese Zodiac as well as their coach the Ox, the intermittently loquacious Dragons and chattering Monkeys. It’ll be tough going for the average Rabbit, Horse and Sheep, irritating probably for the impatient Rooster and the pent-up Tiger while Snake and Pig rev up for an interesting year as the Dog licks his wounds or the nearest hand.

One last word: logically the 2 of 2016, although untimely, stood for Woman, Mother and relationship also. And you might reasonably ask whether we should then have expected a female POTUS. To which I’d suggest that perhaps Bernie Saunders’ gentle compassion and concern for the Earth and the vulnerable, represented the feminine principle better than the alternative; something similar this side of the Atlantic too perhaps.

Ding yuw tin yute gwai yan btw is a Special Star unique to the year 2017, which many diviners would along with Dalai Lama translate as “Western Woman saves the world.”
Richard Ashworth © 2016

Bashir has been – temporarily at least – reprieved in the nick of time and the Home Office has agreed to review his case. Stay in touch via Twitter and/or Facebook as this could change at any time of course. You can help by Tweeting #supportbashir, making his case your FaceBook status or writing to your local MP, Amber Rudd the Home Secretary or anybody you think might be able to help the cause.

Distracted by Shiny Things:
2017, the Fire Rooster: the Year of the Turkey.
What to do next?Tune-Ups, Bulletins, Studying Ba Zi & Feng Shui, Retainers
with Richard Ashworth in 2017.

As you know every Chinese year is different. The energy pockets play musical chairs sector by sector as do the biases and stresses upon the various Animals. A South-Eastern door for instance looks helpful in 2017 – but how do you enhance it? Dragons and Snakes look set but what about Rabbits and the Roosters themselves? In answer to such questions, here are some ways we might work together this year:

 1. A Tune-Up survey brings your work or living space into the Year of the Fire Rooster. Richard identifies the spots that need attention and attends to them or tells you what to do. If we’ve mapped it already, this will take 2-4 hours and we’ll charge you less. Otherwise set the controls for ½ a day.

2. A subscription to our Monthly and Weekly Bulletins will tell you week by week and month by month, where to do what, when and often why. The notes (above) about the 21st December are an example.

3. Studying feng shui or ba zi; we run starter courses on each which are available as a group “live” thing from time to time or (constantly) via Skype/Zoom. Both bought together will cost you less.

4. Hand-drafted ba zi and consultation, one to one. Ba zi of course plots the cycle of time as it applies to you and will tend to show major milestones, preferences and blockages. The ba zi is perhaps the very best device there is for identifying major moments of choice. And doing something about them.

5. Soul Retainer. For a single annual payment, you receive a Tune-Up, Bulletins Monthly and Weekly and a further four hours one-to-one over the next year as well as attendance at next year’s Forecast Weekend.
Prices (and further information):

Richard Ashworth is among the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He has worked with stars such as Kelly Hoppen and Naomie Harris and unusually for a Western Master, has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore. His day job remains “walking round people’s spaces being enigmatic”.

Richard Ashworth©

Fire Rooster Day, a look at 2017 – A Day with Richard Ashworth

November 22, 2016
Only FOUR places left! Current Early Bird is £100!

The Fire Rooster
2017 : the Year of the Turkey.
A Day with Richard Ashworth Dec 3rd 10am Godalming Pepperpot

What can men do against such reckless hate?”
The Two Towers.

Aleppo, Trump, Brexishambles. What next? How much Monkey chaos will carry on into the Rooster Year? As it happens, I’ve been calling it the Year of the Turkey for some time now. For good reason. However black it seems though, this is the dark before the light.

Join me on Dec 3rd/10th and I’ll do my best to explain.

And the fact is that there’s rarely been a time when having some idea of the likely themes and events of the coming year has been as important. Any Rooster year is likely to be one when show, publicity and packaging disguise content, as well as a time of upheaval and revolution. This one especially so; it’s a year to ask difficult questions. But which questions? And of whom?

Be comforted that the annual lo shu or “magic square” has at its centre the Watery 1 of communication. It’ll be a year of talk and negotiation as well as spin. It is in the nature of yin and yang that for every action, there is a reaction. It may be hard to see right now but in the great arc of things, sometimes it gets darker before it gets lighter.

On the world stage, the trouble spots will move. We’ll have a look at that too. If I’m right we can be ready.

In our houses,the Eastern area will call for very careful treatment to forestall a plague of boils, as will the South. A South East door looks handy as does (unusually) Water in the tai chi or “heart” of the house.

As for your Animals, free tickets (or at least well-positioned ones) to the year go to some Dragons, Snakes and Oxen. The Rooster herself will have to approach the year especially carefully as will some Rabbits and Dogs.  More I’m not giving away before December.

Internationally the likely trouble spots essentially move East. There’s more, much of it ultimately very hopeful; I will be expanding on this at the Pepperpot, Godalming High Street between 10 and 5 on the 3rd December. Join us. A better future starts here.

Be sure to bring with you details of any property, issue or individual with whom you are concerned.

Price: £125. Current Early Bird is £100
Email: to book your place.
Pay by Paypal at:
or ask Sheila for bank details.

Last year, this weekend sold out very quickly. We have three Skype places (only) available for participants who are in the GMT time zone.

And finally….for US Time Zones: We’ll be repeating this workshop for US time zones via Skype/Zoom. Again I’ll be reviewing the coming year, issue by issue, animal by animal, location by location with ideas for making the best use of it. It’s a pretty comprehensive day. Hope you can make it.

There’s more info on the News Page of my website:

Cost: £100. via Paypal from the link at:
Please contact before paying as limited places available.
Richard Ashworth©

Richard Ashworth’s Pig Diary 2016

November 8, 2016
The last rind; Pigs golden and not-so golden.
My diary for the month of the Earth Pig
(09:34am Nov 7th to 01:54am Dec 7th inclusive)
in the Year of the Fire Monkey.
—-  —-
—-  —-
—-  —-
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—-  —-
—-  —-
Hexagram 2

“The mind should be kept humble and free so as to remain receptive to good advice.”
Richard Wilhelm.
The Pig Month
Animal by Animal

During this Earth Pig Month,
The Rat bides time,
The Ox is under no illusion,
The Tiger sharpens claws,
The Rabbit sallies forth,
The Dragon looks to the future,
The Snake varies her approach,
The Horse ducks,
The Sheep is relieved and comforted,
The smart Monkey keeps it simple,
The modest Rooster is still the most effective Rooster,
The Dog settles for it just the way it is,
The Pig risks all and makes good.

Please read to the end of this document for a crucial message. Thanks.
Know your inner beast. How Piggy are you?

Birth in the Pig Hour (9-11pm)~: kids who return home reluctantly.
Birth on the Pig Day#: gifted partner.
Birth during the Pig Month (November)*: many callings.
Birth in the Pig Year: gifts shared with parents.

~ GMT.
# You’ll need a Chinese calendar for this.
* Caution: Chinese months start later.

Where to do what, when and why.

Summary: Here’s where to make plans that make things happen.
East, Ambition: Year Star: 9 Dragon Virtue, Month Star: 9.

The 9 returning to the East boosts the Second Daughter, the visionary and careful planning while Dragon Virtue looks out for reputation. Keep this area appropriately spick and span. Occupying the East and/or facing that direction taps the 9/9 which rewards virtuous and brave leadership. If you’re here constantly – which is not a bad idea – activate the area with gentle care. Support with plants – as many as you like but not fewer than three. Above all, dare to dream. Here.

Favours: East Group kuas: 1, 3, 4 & 9, some Rabbits, Pigs, Dogs, Sheep.

East and West Groups: Everybody falls into either East or West Group by virtue of their birth date. The calculation is simple but if you want to know where you belong, email at
Readers Digest version: East Group people are best facing East, South, South-East and North and/or in buildings and beds backing onto these directions. West Group vice-versa. Sorry if that’s fiddly, I’m not making this stuff up.

Please read to the end of this document for a crucial message. Thanks.
The last rind; Pigs golden and not-so golden.
Late last night I heard that screen door slam and a big yellow taxi took away my old man.” Joni Mitchell.

On this day of all days, at the opening of this Pig month, I am tempted to prediction. But I know that the margin between predicting and creating is gossamer thin. So regardless of the monsters that dwell along either prong of this fork in the road, I’m not crossing that line today.

Some 105 years ago, in the Year of the Metal or “Golden” Pig 1911, an explosion in Wuhan in the Hubei Province of Central China set off a chain of events that changed the World: the end of a 2000-year-long line of Emperors, republic, struggle, the Long March, Communism and finally today’s manufacturing giant. This may be why Chinese tradition makes every Pig Year and hence every Pig Month, “golden.” Which is cute but a bit of a misunderstanding.

We all know that translating Chinese can be a minefield. The character jin for instance stands both for “golden” and “metallic” but it only applies to one Pig in five (and this month’s Pig is not the one). Similarly the terms sik sun and zeun kun which define that Pig (and only that Pig) mean literally “output”. The Pig is naturally creative and the Metal Pig especially so but for a man output means simple creativity, while for a woman along with many other things, it is childbirth.

1911 was certainly a year of major output but the Chinese Revolution that followed may be less important than the one that’s happening worldwide right now. For a man, output is straightforward, for a woman sik sun/zeun kun include children. In other words her choice is often between fertility and other forms of creativity, a decision which for biological reasons has not confronted men. This is not forever. We are evolving morally and spiritually as well as physically. In the privileged West at least, we are taller and stronger than our ancestors and despite a great deal of current contrary evidence, wiser and kinder. Today we may watch the carvings and twistings of “Game of Thrones” but in the Middle Ages we were living them. Which as well as committing us all to spreading kindness, means that we are learning and growing. Gradually at least.

Which has something but not everything to do with today’s US Election.

Why might that be? Here’s a clue:

As of yesterday this is both the Year and the Month of the Woman. Like the year itself, the monthly lo shu or magic square (above) has the 2 at its centre. The 2 represents Mother, the feminine principle (that is yin), relationship and Woman herself but also expansion, blockage, growth and certain minor illnesses.

Because of the way that Chinese metaphysics measures time, it’s been a very long while since the 2 was strong. Technically we are just leaving the 8th Chinese Fate and entering the 9th. This process is complete sometime between now and 2024 and it means that all the Stars in the lo shu above are changing. Until recently the 2 has been reckoned to be more about blockage than healthy expansion. It is historically the number (or Star) of tumours and swelling for example. But it’s also the Star of personal growth and gain. And its time is coming.

So the 2 has suffered a bad rap. But for a little while now some Masters – such as Joey Yap, probably the most successful feng shui man in the world – have been advising activation (that is stimulation) of the 2 Star where and when it appears. Risk the sickness, make the gain, is the principle; the times they are er…a-changing (©Nobel Institute 2016). And it rules the coming month as well as this year.

And why does this matter? Well it seems that the yang or masculine principle has been dominant for several thousand years. One obvious meaning of the 2 of course is pregnancy. And until the late 20th century a sexually active woman could expect to be pregnant for thirty or so years with every likelihood of dying in childbirth during that time. Which made her at least fragile and therefore largely dependent. Life expectancy for Western woman has literally doubled since the introduction of the contraceptive pill. That and Wade v Roe may prove to have been the most important events of our lifetimes.

Because what it means is that the sik sun and zeun kun are released to be expressed in a myriad ways other than childbirth. Woman are free now to create any way they like. Consequently in the West, zero population growth  is upon us. And not before time, there is a chance that a feminine, that is empowering, bonded and cooperative approach to running the world follows. It’s not I think, that yin thinking is superior, wiser or even gentler, but that it’s been missing. The patriarchy has been allowed to run wild like a very long Rugby tour. Look at what we have tolerated in our various representatives.

Nate Silver in his book “The Signal and the Noise” makes clear the distinction between forecast and prediction; we forecast weather, we predict the winners of horse races. And so as I said, on this day of all days, although I am tempted, I’m not about to predict.

Because if I accept that I am responsible for everything in my life, to foretell an outcome is to create it. You don’t have to agree about that and it may be bat-crazy to you but I’ll tell you what: however November 8th goes (which you know about and I don’t) it’s only a matter of time before the yin is properly represented  in corporate boardrooms, the Senate and the White House.

This revolution is unstoppable. It may have been close to 10,000 years in coming but that was only a blip. 105 years is a very short time by comparison. AnchorReally. Aleppo and Palestine, Auschwitz, Magdeburg and Masada are part of a bad dream that is nearly over. Humankind has taken a long wrong turn by way of the stupidity and brutality that characterises the unsupervised male but we are as Joni Mitchell also wrote, both “stardust and golden.” And believe me, this may not just change the World but as the Dalai Lama predicted, save it.
Richard Ashworth © 2016

Please read the following document for a crucial message. Thanks.

Bashir Naderi, aged 19 was trafficked to this country as a boy, some ten years ago. His father was murdered by the Taliban and he has no idea what has happened to the rest of his family.
He has been living with a foster family in Wales, attending a catholic school, contributing to English life and putting down roots in this country.

On Sunday the Home Office tried to deport him. He was shackled at the neck, hands and wrist. His foster family and friends have managed to get him a 14 day reprieve while his case is re-considered. PLEASE sign this petition and join the campaign to stop his deportation back to Afghanistan and allow him to stay in this country.

You can also help by Tweeting #supportbashir, making his case your FaceBook status or writing to your local MP, Amber Rudd the Home Secretary  or anybody who you think might be able to help the cause.

Distracted by Shiny Things:
2017, the Fire Rooster: the Year of the Turkey.
What to expect and what to do about it,
A day with feng shui man Richard Ashworth
at the Pepperpot, Godalming.
10 till 5, Saturday December 3rd 2016.

As promised around this time last year, the Year of the Fire Monkey has been a turbulent one. It started with the loss of much-loved entertainers, continued on both sides of the Atlantic with political farce and concludes with mayhem right on the North-South line indicated by the Chinese gan zhi cycle. Sometimes I hate to be proven right.

This Rooster brings attention to detail but a short attention span. Just as the Fire Monkey was the Year of Turbulence, so this may be the Year of the Turkey. It’s likely to be a year when our attention is drawn away from what matters. Some of that will be deliberate, some just the distraction of shiny things. There’s more.

2017 of course will favour different animals; Dragons will be empowered, more than likely (but they won’t be alone in that) and certain houses will be unusually helpful; step up if your home faces South East. And it’s a 1 year, a time of communication, negotiation and bargaining. No surprises there.

The Rooster year calls for different approaches. Some Animals will have a free ticket, some will needed added help. Some areas will be magical, some baleful. Find out which is which and what to do about it, personally, domestically, globally and economically.

This workshop sold out very quickly last year.

There are a limited number of Skype places.

Richard Ashworth©