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Richard Ashworth’s Horse Diary from 5th June 2017

June 6, 2017
Tuition and Intuition.
My diary for the month of the Fire Horse
(19:57 5th June to 06:21 7th July 2017 inclusive)
in the Year of the Fire Rooster.


—-  —-

Coming to Meet
Hexagram 44

The Horse Month
  Animal by Animal
During this Fire Horse Month,
The Rat is likely to be pushed back,
The Ox is at 6s and 7s,
Tigers leap,
The Rabbit steps carefully between the cracks,
The Dragon freewheels on momentum,
The well-prepared Snake climbs high,
The Horse disdains her own company,
The Sheep is valued,
The smart Monkey treads carefully,
The Rooster bakes,
The Dog may have a complaint to lodge,
The Pig changes tack.

Animal Fortunes for the Rooster year remain on the website all year:
2017: Year of the Turkey. Now may be the time.

Where to do what, when and why
Summary: Here’s where wealth and success are hiding this month.
North, Distant Future: Year Star: 6, Month Star: 9
The 9 arriving North brings future prospects even closer. This is the place to focus previously vague plans prior to putting them into action in July.
Due to the monthly san sha, keep it gentle; no loud parties, cement mixing.
Bold and clear plans made here and now offer special support to East Group kuas (1, 3, 4 & 9) Monkey, Dragon, Ox and Rat, especially in imaginative and creative pursuits. No serious downside if you keep it subtle; action in July brings results.
Monthly Enhancement: bright light.
Annual Solution: A large (6kg+) rose quartz, a little Metal, occasional Water

One to avoid; where not to be this month
Summary: Here’s how not to suffer a plague of frogs this summer.
North West, Authority: Year Star: 2, Month Star: 5.
You know the 5 Star, of course; it ruled last month. Nasty. This month it impedes authority, teaching and the role of the patriarch in the NW. A house facing NW or with a busy door oriented that way will tend to suffer most. Bad news for Fathers, leaders and those in legitimate authority who risk illness, especially of lung and chest if they reside here or face this way.
Keep this area as still quiet and unoccupied as possible.
Monthly Solution: Metal; eg 6-pipe Metal windchime. Peace and quiet best.
Annual Solution: Red 6 (six Chinese coins tied up with red thread) and wu lou (gourd) are reckoned effective against the 2.

East and West Groups: Everybody falls into either the East or the West Group by virtue of their birth date. The calculation is simple but if you do want to know where you belong, email me at
Readers Digest version: East Group people best face East, South, South-East and North and/or in buildings and beds backing onto these directions. West Group vice-versa. Sorry it’s fiddly, I’m not making this stuff up.

Know your inner beast. How Horse are you?
Birth in the Horse Hour (11am-1pm)~: extrovert children.
Birth on the Horse Day#: shoot first, ask questions later.
Birth during the Horse Month (June)*: physical work for preference.
Birth in the Horse Year: inherited impetuosity.
~ GMT. # You’ll need a Chinese calendar for this. * Caution: Chinese months start later
Tuition and Intuition.

“The superior man is concerned that goodness should be an established attribute of character rather than an accidental and isolated occurrence.”
The Book of Changes, Hexagram 29, The Abyss.

A 4 month; about innovation and curiosity.
Most helpful location: North.
Favoured Animals: Sheep, Dog, Tiger.
Especially challenged one way or another: Rat and Ox.

You may think of yourself as the Animal of your year of birth, but you’ll recall that you are also ruled by the Animal of your Month, Day and Hour, all with differing implications. If you were born on an Ox day for instance you may now be entering a month of hard personal decisions.

On the other hand someone whose birth month is ruled by the Dog (October) may find work and education proceeding swimmingly. For all of us Hexagram 44 implies either an important new acquaintance or rediscovery of an old and equally important one.

And it’s a Fire Horse – the most fiery of the Zodiac Animals and often the totem of the impetuous. This is a month when there may for all, but particularly for Ox and Rat be a rash of er…rash behaviour. As we approach a General Election and with international politics so delicate, this makes for a quite restive period. Behaviour and outcomes may be hard to read. As Nate Silver implies in The Signal and the Noise, the key to forecasting is getting our preferences out of the way. Silver would probably not agree but often this leads to intuition; informed intuition but intuition all the same.

So you’ll understand how it is that when I am deciphering a ba zi or “reading” a house, I will tend to trust the intuition that comes from nowhere precisely because it is not my opinion. Sometimes that intuition will be expressed in my body, it’ll literally be a feeling.

I remember once surveying a house and noticing pain in my teeth. I was not overdue for dental attention and had not been at the Haribos, so I knew the sensation did not belong to me and so I asked my client: “Does anyone here have problems with their teeth?” “No,” she said and I carried on but I could not help noticing that the apartment was on the ground floor, close to the road in a shopping district.

Perhaps an hour later, I was sitting down with her for a debrief and I asked what the place had been used for in the past, given its commercial location.

“A dentist’s,” she said.

So returning to the point, this may for all of us be a month of impulsive behaviour and one in which the balance of head and gut is tested. Trust what you know, I suggest but be very aware that there are different varieties of knowledge. Remember this at the ballot box maybe. Apart from the lizards, David Icke is beginning to look quite prophetic.
Richard Ashworth © 2017
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