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Auspicious Dates and Places for The Month of the Metal Snake, 2020.

May 6, 2020
Auspicious Dates and Places
The (4th) month of the Metal Snake, 2020.
(09:08 5th May to 13:49 6th June 2020 inclusive)
in the Year of the Metal Rat.

 The Creative
 Hexagram 1

The Metal Snake Month, Animal by Animal
The Pig is dubious,
Rats may feel less boosted,
The Ox is restored to power,
Tigers make heavy weather,
Rabbits are above it,
The Dragon receives fresh and respectful attention,
Snakes are comforted,
The Horse is not at full power,
The Sheep may feel extended,
Monkeys may be both pushed and pulled,
Roosters are mostly respected,
Every Dog is claimed.

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A 5 month                                 brings trouble to the heart of things.
The Snake Month                   is about truth and its alternatives.
Where to be this month:     North East. Where not to be: tai chi, East.
Favoured Animals:                Snake, Rooster, Ox, some Monkeys – in any Pillar.
Especially challenged:         Pig, Tiger, other Monkeys.
The Hexagram (above):        Qian The Creative. Heaven over Heaven.

4             2
3       5       7
8       1       6
Metal Snake

This month’s lo shu: wu huang 5 at tai chi ; san sha East

The Slime of No Reply.
I’m worried about the slugs. Yes I’m concerned about Covid-19, testing, vaccination, cabin fever and Brexit – though this last has receded a tad from my list of worries since Lockdown began – also incompetent government and dumb leaders and so much more.

I used to worry constantly about the environment. I would wake suddenly at three in the morning with a mind full of orang utans and pangolins. But right now as the Month of the slithery Metal Snake opens, I’m worried about the slugs and snails.

You see my sunflowers are doing too well. I start them indoors in February and I usually plant maybe three times as many seeds as I expect to survive. They go out in the garden when I think the frosts have ended: usually late April. Once out, their chief predators have always been slugs and snails. Over the years I’ve tried to discourage them with moats of beer around the pots, following the folk wisdom that gastropods like nothing better than a sip of Hogs Back Ale of a spring evening; I’ve experimented with sprinkling dry cat food among the saplings on the grounds that snails prefer them to sunflowers, only to make the predictable discovery that cats do too. Own goal: cats show no mercy to the little plants as they dig out the tidbits. But it’s lap ha, the Beginning of Summer today May 5th, and usually at this time I have a garden rich with fat slugs and the sunflowers have thinned out. But this year no slugs; a veritable forest of Russian Giants may be burgeoning.

The month that’s coming is a Metal Snake, the most deceptive of the Celestial Animals. The Metal Dragon just past signalled a tussle with authority: Americans desperate to get out into the open and shoot each other; over here bat-crazy new age dabblers confusing political business as usual with rococo conspiracy theories. Governments lie, that does not mean we’re controlled by eight foot foot lizards from the planet Splong. If we were they might be a bit more efficient.

Such wild paranoia btw is simply what’s known as “level confusion”: we live simultaneously in several worlds, one material, others not. Tian Ti Ren is the Chinese term for this: we inhabit Heavenly, Earthly and Human realms at one and the same time. This confusion technically known as the Mind-Body Problem, is literally as old as the word “philosophy”. We seek control and explanation, but we know underneath it all that we’re each spinning alone on an imaginary ball of mud. Elegant feng shui can work on all these levels. But the fact is that there is pretty much nothing we actually can control.

Lies and the consequent confusion will come thicker and faster in May. They don’t actually come much thicker than some of the politicians involved actually but the power of the patriarchy is waning. May is a month to question everything, especially truisms like the one that everyone is chafing to break lockdown at any cost. Mostly that’s the employers, “wealth makers” and “job creators” chafing, I think, not the bus drivers and ICU nurses.

Or the idea that everyone hates having their children at home. And the one that working couples – what other sort is there? – would rather be at work than together. The Dragon is a teacher, and social media and my Zoom calls are full of parents relishing the time spent with their offspring, learning or playing. Fact is there is not enough playing in the world. In these days when most families need two full-time breadwinners to er….win enough bread to keep a family, such an opportunity is rare. And of course juggling small children, schooling requirements, the need to make money and a full in-tray is an art. No business meeting live or virtual is as demanding as caring for a toddler. And home-education is no picnic. But it’s so much more worthwhile than scouring the iPhone for notifications. I write as the father of six miraculous children and like you, I never had dummies to practice on.

The Hexagram for the month or so leading up to Mid-Summer is Qian, the Father, Authority, extreme yang. That’s true every year but the ruling Hexagram for 2020 is number 42, meaning Increase. The structure of that Hexagram is Wind over Thunder, Eldest Daughter holding sway over Eldest Son. The conjunction of these two suggests the need for a turnaround in gender politics. The Earth’s response to mass extinctions is letting us know that she is round and that therefore economic growth cannot be perpetual. That’s what dolphins in the canals of Venice and lions on the golf course in Pretoria indicate. The Earth is not threatened by the fragile pink primates who have recently elected themselves dominant species but she may shrug them off if they don’t play just a bit nicer. Right now New Zealand appears to be the only nation paying attention.

Recently I’ve had variable results with tomatoes. Those at the front flourish where I place them to receive sunlight from dawn to mid-afternoon. But ones placed behind the house where the light patterns are at least as helpful, have not fruited for several years. Same with the wild raspberries and strawberries – they flourish at the front, languish to the rear.

A wealth of buddleia and other bee-magnetic bushes face the house. My guess is that the bees pollinate strawberries and tomatoes while about their buzziness among the buddleia, hence things blossom outside the living room window and not on the decking. God bless the honey bee. And of course I worry about bee numbers. My tomatoes and berries are telling me the bees are in trouble too.

I’m worried about slugs and about so much else. It grieves me to only see my kids on a screen. I’m worried by the gullibility of electorates that have brought morons to power worldwide. I’m worried about the families of the victims of Covid-19. I’m worried about the bovine hysteria of the mob that has brought us Bolsonaro, Orban, Brexit and Trump. But storks are nesting in West Sussex for the first time in centuries and some of my sunflowers are already a foot high. Blue whales – the largest creatures ever to breathe on the Earth – are venturing South and in Florida manatee nuzzle alligators.

The slugs’ll be back like the dolphins. I’m not worried about the Earth anymore. She’ll be fine.
Richard Ashworth © May 2020

Where to be in May.
Summary: creative.
North East, Wealth Star: Year Star: 1 Sun (Ox NE1), Month Star: 8.
The communicative  1 Star is enhanced by the visiting 8, the best place to be this month by a long way. Suitable for writing, learning, also alpha-rhythm activity, prayer, meditation, visualisation, when tangible outcomes can be expected. A crystal journey NE-NW-N might bear further fruit.

Enhance: occupation is the most powerful activation but a little Metal such as Metal objects and colours (including white) may stimulate creativity.

Where not to be in May.
Summary: things fall apart, the centre will not hold.
Tai chi, Home: Year Star: 7 Month Star: 5
Capitals, inner cities and headquarters are all treacherous this month. The tai chi of your own space is implicated as well as rulers and principals (not principles obvs) of all sorts. This is not, repeat not, the time to trust authority but a time to take responsibility for our own free choice.
Like so many of us, the Stars are in their home locations. Returning to the hearth is the main theme of the month. Which unless we are royalty or government is the wisest plan: aim to be away from the seats of power which will prove seriously polluted throughout May and, as I said most of the year. Avoid the tai chi in every sense.
Tame: t’ang lung.
Richard Ashworth ©2020. http://www.imperialfengshui.infoAnchor

Richard Ashworth is among the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He was among the pioneers of feng shui survey & analysis at a distance (now of course the only way to do it) on MySpirit Radio in the noughties. A good taster of his approach may be found on Audible at

Richard has worked from Lebanon to Bermuda, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and with stars such as Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson. Unusually for a Western Master, he has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore.

Every month we send (at a modest fee) retainer clients a more comprehensive monthly bulletin than this one, covering in detail right places to be (and when) as well as helpful days Animal by Animal and much more from the Chinese calendar.

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Super Sidekick: the Month of the Metal Sheep 2019.

July 5, 2019
Super Sidekick: the Month of the Metal Sheep 2019.
Public Feng Shui Bulletin for July 2019
(17:57 7th July to 04:03 8th August inclusive)

—-  —-
—-  —-
Hexagram 33

Animal by Animal
During this Metal Sheep month,
The unwise Rat‘s tongue may draw fire,
The Ox works best alone
The Tiger can run amok
The gambolling Rabbit gets further than the burrower,
The Dragon trusts,
The Snake seeks representation,
The Horse may receive unearned approval,
The Sheep’s consistent service may be appreciated,
The smart Monkey takes an early holiday,
The Rooster could learn team play,
The Dog risks break-up,
The Pig enjoys a better month in a trying year.

5       1       3
4             8
9       2       7
Metal Sheep

6 month                         yang Metal, Father, Heaven & Authority.
The Sheep month           is a time of joining and belonging.
Most helpful location:   North East – especially for the yin.
Least helpful location:  South East, West disappointing too.
Favoured Animals:         Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Horse.
Especially challenged:   Rat, Ox, Snake, Rooster.
The Hexagram (above):  Tun Heaven on  Mountain. Retreat.Qi descends.

For action this Month:      
Daily He Tu Journeys, now may be the time to tap into the more controllable energy following the peak of the year. The He Tu Journeys may be the way. All you do essentially is walk from one location in the building to another, carrying a crystal tumblestone. If youre adept at breathing you can do it without the crystal; you’re simply moving qi from one location to another so that helpful pockets join and unhelpful ones largly dissolve
This year the journeys are along 5 paths:
Tai chi (centre) to South,
Tai chi to North East,
North to North West,
North West to West and
South to South East.
You’ll need 150 rose quartz tumblestones. And possibly further instructions – just ask.

Super Sidekick: the Metal Sheep Month, 2019.
The Sheep, In the Marvel Comic Universe, Captain America’s sidekick/mate/punchbag/plot device Bucky Barnes is still in an existential limbo. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? But it can; especially if your year or day are ruled by the Sheep. June is an overpowered and often overpowering time. In a Sheep month like this (ie July) however, it is often the Sheep who gains power. That power derives from appropriate belonging. But you have to get it right; it’s so easy to fill in the wrong application form.You Sheep are essentially idealists, some might call you sentimental; be sure your affiliations serve your values at such a time when role models, gurus and the charismatic call out to you.

Message to Sheep: choose company carefully. Comfort is less important than integrity. A good example of a very poor choice born of the need to belong, may be Fire Sheep Nick Clegg’s new job as Facebook’s prevaricator for hire. Charisma, schmarisma.

Indeed there may be no quality more overrated. For all of us the Summer Fire months (Snake, Horse, Sheep) bring a degree of illumination. For some that is attention, for some insight. Some of us embrace this Fire and some of us ward it off, just as some of us are born to perform and some are born to run. One word for the charisma of Fire is toe far, sometimes translated as “the irresistible.” You’ll find toe far in your own ba zi where Hour, Day, Month, Year or Life House is ruled by Horse, Rat, Rabbit or Rooster. You may need assistance of course.

Everyone of us has these qualities in our ba zis – the trick is to pull them out and make use of them when they may be hidden. They’re always there however hard to find.

I sometimes compare feng shui to poker: the trick is to win on the good hands and not lose your shirt on the weak ones. That is to say make use of the best times and places and mitigate the worst.

In feng shui theory, charisma is some combination of toe far and kun (or discipline). Kun is the gale force that sinks a leaky ship but can blow the racing yacht in a zig zag onto the finishing line. Be sure to choose your time and place wisely.

Phases of the Moon during the Metal Sheep month:
New Moon(s):                 Tuesday            July  2nd                 19:16pm
Attention to blooms: cleanse and moon bathe crystals for attraction.
Metal Rat: Total Solar Eclipse. Not much help, so not much more to do.
Full Moon:                     Tuesday              July  16th            21:38pm.
Attention to roots; cleanse & moon-bathe crystals etc that dispel.
Wood Monkey: partial Lunar Eclipse; very helpful, long-lasting effects.
New Moon:                    Thursday             Aug   1st            04:12am
Cleanse and moon-bathe crystals for attraction.
Metal Horse: Promises more than it delivers. Water Sat; don’t place Water.

Where to be in July.
Summary: growth and gain.
North East, Wealth Star: Year Star: 2 Moon (Tiger), Month Star:9
The Earth of the 2 Star together with the Fire of 9 can make for growth of all sorts including the increase of assets. But at risk of minor ailments. This applies to locating facing or entering via the North East this month. Go on; you know you want to. Best for Pigs (1947/59/71/83/95) & Rats (1948/60/72/84/96). Relates to Youngest Son and facilitators; risk the bright lights.
Mitigate: red 6 – six Chinese coins bound together with red thread.
Assist: Fire; bright light.

Where not to be in July.
Summary: all sorts of unhelpful
South EastDetermination: Year Star: 7 sui po, Month Star: 
Unsettled. Confrontational especially for Pigs and Dogs. Poor health, careless words, sharp tongues. Especially uncomfortable for Dragons. Robbery and money loss possible as well as the arguments that follow excessive introspection. Relates to Eldest Daughter and the ambitious woman; get your attention out. Stay out, avoid SE doors.
Mitigate: Water: a bowl of fresh Water changed daily.

Richard Ashworth ©2019.

Richard Ashworth is among the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He has worked from Lebanon to Bermuda, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and with stars such as Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson. Unusually for a Western Master, he has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore. His day job remains “walking round people’s spaces being enigmatic”.
Every month we send (at a modest fee) retainer clients a more comprehensive monthly bulletin than this one, covering in detail right places to be (and when) as well as helpful days Animal by Animal and much more from the Chinese calendar.

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