Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny – Early Bird Expiring soon

The Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny: Early Bird expiring soon.
As the Four Pillars for 2015 suggested nearly a year ago, tides are turning, a certain rebellious energy continues to rise. It’s late September, the time of the stroppy Wood Rooster. June to September was ruled by Hexagram 41 (from The Book of Changes) Sun which you might translate as “Austerity”. You may have noticed. The final quarter is ruled by Number 38 Gui, sometimes called “Diversity”. 2016 will be very different.

I draw most such conclusions from ba zi or “Four Pillars” calculations. These are not rocket science though they demand close attention. Then I kind of “dream” with them in the tradition of the great Chinese Masters. This “dreaming” is as important as the calculations themselves. You might call this something like intuition. I will be teaching both calculation and dreaming in my 2016 course.

Ba zi above all shows moments of change and moments of decision – personal as well as global. If you can “read” ba zi you can with practice “read” a person, a situation, a relationship and the outcome of decisions. If we can identify a moment of decision, often we can change it..

Watch Richard talking ba zi
This January (16th/17th) I’m teaching the first weekend (of four) of my annual starter ba zi course Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny again. No prior knowledge of mumbo jumbo Chinese or other is required. Civilians welcome, do join us.

As for cost, the reason I am writing is that the Early Bird offer expires on the 30th September ’15. Until then the price for the four weekends is only £1350.00. After that it’s back to the full price of £1500.

For more detail about dates etc on the course go to:

Or do call +44 1483 428998 or
email me at:

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