Tiger Diary: what to expect in February 2015

Tiger Diary: overview of February 2015.

Feat. Tiger

Tiger Month opens: February 4th 12:09pm.

Feat. Tiger

The Tiger never forgets; an error, a slight a misjudgement or indeed a favour. And above all an injustice. Its all locked away in the long term thinking of this predator. Not that theres anything wrong with predators. Take the Yellowstone Wolves whose reintroduction revitalized the Wyoming landscape for miles around. Or the colony of beavers who recently set up shop in Devon. By the River Otter interestingly. And of course were all predators in the sense that we eat stuff and we wear stuff. All of which require more vulnerable species to give their lives for us.

What threatens the Tiger though is blame. Typically the Tiger is quick to anger. He or she may express it with outward aggression or with self-sacrifice but it often lingers: a smouldering resentment at the unfairness of life. Which is why the balanced Tiger stands for justice.

This balanced Tiger, the one who has explored alternatives beyond dumping or falling on her sword, and sought grace instead, is a genuine leader and expresses that innate aggression usefully. New Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is looking like a good example; former Trotskyites dont have a great track record but theres every chance that Tsipras has taken a hunger for justice and turned it into service. And it may be that as this Tiger month and this Sheep year open, one important domino has fallen in a sequence in which the last falls at the feet of the powerful.

Well see.

The Tiger in the Tiger Month.

As you know by now, the Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010) is the fiercest. You don’t cross them. Victoria Beckham may be the best-known Tiger there is, brilliant in her own right and married to a man who is by some consensus the most desirable in the world. Judging by her deft handling of supermodels and the press, David is not the only one who knows you dont mess with Victoria.

The Tiger month is the beginning, the dawn of the year just as the Tiger hour (3-5am) is the Spring of the day. The Tiger has vision and patience along with long memory; in the wild a Tiger is prepared to wait for days before pouncing. But eventually it must move and when it does, it is eye-blurringly fast. This expansive quality of assertion and aspiration is called Wood. The rapid movement of the Tiger like the sudden rise of a tropical Sun is called yang Wood. The Tiger gets on with it.

The Tiger however can sometimes forget that blame brings its own disempowerment. If someone else caused a situation in my life, then ultimately I have no power. The smart Tiger learns to move on; the dim one can hang on forever.

The trap of the Tiger is a total lack of self-knowledge. Those that rise to this are the very smartest of the Animals. Ask David.

Appropriately the Tiger is the striker of the group of Animals known as the Hunters of the Chinese Zodiac, along with the Horse and the Dog. Wisely, in whatever context, the Tiger is always concerned with why he or she is engaged in whatever he or she is engaged in. Oddly perhaps then, the Tigers secret friend is the Pig. This is largely because the Pig is home-loving and adaptable; you can imagine that sometimes a Tiger needs these things in her life.

Often the Tiger doesnt think the witty Monkey is funny; humour can be lost on them. In a Horse year, spoiled for opportunity, she may have risked burnout; working too hard or hardly working as Chuck Spezzano puts it. In 2015 the Year of Gathering, the Tiger is best advised to honour the team to which he or she belongs. In a Tiger (Horse or Dog) month that will be hard to avoid.

Tiger Month, Animal by Animal.

During this Earth Tiger month:

The Rat is surprisingly quiet.

The Ox rests.

The Tiger hunts alone.

The Rabbit is protected.

The Dragon remains essential.

The Snake keeps his head down.

The Horse punches above her weight.

The Sheep could be fragile.

The Monkeys jokes may fall flat.

The Rooster may be defensive.

The Dog is especially keen to please.


The Pig rises to the occasion.

Tiger Pillars; know your Tiger rating.

Birth in the Tiger hour (03:00pm-05:00am): you fight to the last ditch.

Birth in the Tiger month (February*): fearless at work and at home.

Birth on the Tiger day#: prone to the pre-emptive strike.

Birth in the Tiger year: big lessons to learn.

* Caution, the Chinese month generally starts and finishes a few days after ours.

# Just ask.

Where to do what, when and why.

This month the North East, home of the Tiger, holds what is known as Dragon Virtue, the Star of good reputation. Although part of the North East (technically NE1 or NNE) where the Ox resides, is very delicate, the Tiger holds the 8 Starwhich implies wealth pretty much where and whenever it appears. Enhancing these two qualities might be worth a Water fountain here for the month. Make it “sentimental” ie gently pumped as well as proportionate. Best placed on the 11th or 23rd.

Remember the Alamo

I surveyed the Alamo for Lee White in 2011. Her book about it, with foreword by notable Alamo nut Phil Collins is now out “Joe the Slave who became an Alamo Legend”. She received interest in movie rights almost right away. Oh and she lives in a self-build we worked on together.

Sunday Times

I was quoted by Emma Wells in the Home Section of last weeks Sunday Times Magazine. Its an interesting piece if you care to look it out. Basically when we move into a house, we inherit its tendencies, good or bad. Remember this when you next move, I should.


Also last week I spoke about the prospects for the Wood Sheep, the Year of Gathering at Source.tvs summit; well have a link to this shortly. Im distributing more on this subject including forecasts Animal by Animal already and an overview as well as suggestions as to what to do with the new energy in your home will follow, but this is a reasonable introduction. Theyre a great crowd. And Rachel Elnagh is a good and powerful woman. Do investigate.

Richard Ashworth©, early in the month of the Tiger, 2015.


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