A day with Richard Ashworth discovering: 2015, The Wood Sheep

On Saturday December 13th 2014 spend a day with Richard Ashworth discovering: 2015, The Wood Sheep.

2015 The Wood Sheep. A Year of Gathering.

This time last year I suggested the Scots might vote “Yes”. I was wrong. But it was damn close, wasn’t it? Who expected that? I also expected Metal Ox Barack Obama to end the Horse year largely eclipsed and Fire Horse David Cameron’s  judgement to be erratic. An easier year is likely for the Horse in 2015, probably more challenging again for the Ox. Watch this space.

Every year around this time I examine the coming year in the light of the Chinese Cycles of Time. Each year is different; sometime between December and February, the whole taste, feel or chi of a year changes, bringing new opportunities and circumstances. For a Rabbit it may mean one thing – pole position in 2015 actually – to someone in a house that faces West another (tricky). Just as the change from summer to winter or of dark to light affects us all, so the changing year brings a fresh start. Everything is changing all the time, the change from year to year is simply a very visible one.

Earth Snake Taylor Swift for instance typifies the year of her birth, 1989, the year the Berlin Wall came down. The previous Earth Snake was 1929, the year of the Wall Street Crash. Those born in the Earth Snake year may be the most radical of all, just as were the events of the time of their birth. Removing her catalogue from Spotify may be the beginning of a whole new way of marketing music.

If you want to pin down the turning of the year to one moment, that might be December 18th, shortly after my workshop This is the day, just ahead of the Winter Solstice, that the chi or energy which has been falling since mid-Summer, starts to rise again. Some of us can feel the turning. The sap begins to flow once more ahead of the coming Spring. But energy doesn’t work in straight lines and the fiery outgoing Horse of 2014 won’t part without more revelation and whistleblowing.

The year of the Sheep however is more likely to be a time of regrouping. The Sheep is a team builder; that energy of uprising that was expressed in the Scottish vote, is still present, waiting for a new shape. From Edinburgh to Catalonia, Hong Kong to Quebec, there is a restlessness. You might call the Year of the Wood Sheep, the year of Gathering. Teams are building, unrest is focusing.

On Saturday December 13th I’ll be talking about 2015, how it may affect your year Animal, your house, your office and your life. I’ll be suggesting what you can do to make the best use of the new energy and which places to avoid. I’ll run through the year Animal by Animal and I’ll finish by making some predictions for 2015. Some of which might be absolutely right this time. Join us.

Venue: Godalming, Surrey (just 45 mins from London, Waterloo)

Time: December 13th 10am until 5pm.

Cost: £80 until 1st December then £100

Pay now via Paypal

Or email: Sheila@imperialfengshui.info


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