Pig Diary: what to expect in November 2014

Pig Diary: what to expect in November 2014.

Stye Guru.

Pig Month opens: November 7th 21:36pm.

Stye Guru.

The Pig is yin Water. Water is cold and dark and November is the month when the cold sets in. All Water in the world is constantly in search of all other Water and so Water is communication. One distinctive weakness then of Pigs is that they may communicate too little. This is yin and yang. Typically Pigs look as if they have it all under control until suddenly they don’t and they haven’t set up the support system required to deal with a crisis. So if the crisis is ebola, this is a poor month for it to be on the rise. However, the Wood Dog of the October just gone and the Water Rooster before it, are often times of mysterious ailments. The Wood Pig that is now upon us carries no such overtone. This should mean that the outbreak comes under control. Typically just as any crisis – famine, dispossession, epidemic – approaches the privileged, it is contained. This I think, will be no different. The USA is more likely to quarantine anyone who enters the country from anywhere East of Charlotte, North Carolina than to succumb. In this country we’ll hire more foreign health professionals and blame them for stealing our jobs. So crisis over. For the time being.

Meanwhile it’s telling that the Pig suffers the so-called “self-clash” which means that Pigs generally don’t prosper much in Pig months. For this reason and others, I expect the resistible rise of 1971 Water Pig Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi to slow this month. Recruiting figures are down because it’s just possible that an organisation that kills Christian and Sunni indiscriminately and seeks out Shias for special extermination, has lost all claim to being any sort of Islamist set-up. Abu Bakr’s pr campaign trope of deterring aid workers and curbing the freedom of the press by the novel expedient of decapitation can only appeal to psychopaths. That’s the tale of one Pig in a Pig month.

The Pig in the Pig Month.

Pigs (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007) are generally sweethearts. The Pig is multi-talented and domesticated; the Chinese ideograph for home is a Pig under a roof. Pig men can often cook to a high standard and Pig women are multi-taskers par excellence; take new Granny Hillary Clinton, pounding the marginal states while she considers whether she’ll stand for President in 2016. (She will). Because they’re often very smart, a Pig weakness can be the tendency to think they know better than others what is good for them (Julian Assange, Ron Paul). They can be boars. But that’s sow biz.

The Pig has a love-hate relationship with the Snake and achieves most as the star of a Rabbit-Pig-Sheep charm offensive.

Pig Month, Animal by Animal.

During the Pig month:

The Rat is flattered.

The Ox is less vocal,

The Tiger is especially creative.

The Rabbit cares for the home,

The Dragon takes a break.

The Snake rethinks,

The Horse could be embarrassed.

The Sheep canvasses,

The Monkey stands back.

The Rooster stands back too, but further.

The Dog waits his turn,


The Pig falters.

Pig Pillars; find your inner Swine.

Birth in the Pig hour (21:00pm-23:00pm): taciturn children.

Birth in the Pig month (November*): work involves subtle communication.

Birth on the Pig day#: versatile, multitalented.

Birth in the Pig year: busy parents.

* Caution, the Chinese month generally starts and finishes a few days after ours.

# Just ask.

Where to do what, when and why.

This month’s lo shu is the auspicious 8. The 8 delivers. In a 4 year, which is itself about invention, an 8 month is often about children’s welfare.

This month: West, Interference: 6, 1. A transformational he tu combination and still the primary wealth location in 2014. Again add Earth for the auspicious 1:6:8. A large crystal, a low, square, heavy table and/or total stillness may do the trick.


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Richard Ashworth©, late in the month of the Wood Dog, 2014.

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