Ba Zi, a lifetime’s journey

Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny in 2015 – the Year of the Wood Sheep

Richard’s Starter Ba zi Course for 2015 starts the weekend of 17th/18th January 2015. It is the first of four weekends.

He is considered by the Grand Masters in Singapore to be a Master of ba zi. His approach is unique, compassionate & spookily insightful.

He has been teaching ba zi for six years and his teaching leads you to knowledge of ba zi & of yourself that is valuable & rare. No one else in the UK is teaching ba zi in this depth. You can also take his course via Skype.

Here is Richard speaking about ba zi both its nature and his teaching:

The Early, Early Bird offer of £1200 for this course expires on 1st October 2014. However the first five people who get back to me quoting ‘ba zi 5’ will get the full course for £1,000!* So be quick.

Here is what just some of his recent students have said:

“I have studied ba zi with Richard Ashworth since the start of 2014. What I like about Richard’s teaching is, he actually prepares you to see things in your own way. Which allows you freedom of thoughts in your studying. He has a vast sea of knowledge that it keeps students on their toes in keeping pace with it. There are a few new things in the course which books and other courses do not offer especially drafting a life house in ba zi. As I am a Teacher in another field too, I do understand how important the beginning is for any study and he certainly helps create a unique vision of the subject. Most importantly Richard is a very attentive teacher who will guide you on all questions.” Swananda, UK.

” I studied ba zi with Richard for two years. He made a fairly comprehensive and difficult subject accessible and interesting. I use what I have learned daily and also to look back at difficult times to further understand my journey. Well worth the journey” Sue, UK.

“I’ve been practicing feng shui for twenty years but never was able to master ba zi through books on the subject. It took Richard’s thorough instruction and patient guidance for me to comprehend this critical complement to my professional practice”Nancy, USA (studies via Skype).

“As a teacher, Richard is one of the most insightful, intelligent and knowledgeable practitioners I have ever known. He teaches with great patience, compassion and passion. If you ever have the opportunity to study with him, you can be sure that you will come out of the experience far more able, inspired and insightful than before you embarked on his programme. I would highly recommend engaging with him, if not as a teacher, then as a practitioner. I guarantee you will be forever changed for the better as a result.”
 Jocelyn, UK

“Learning Ba Zi with Master teacher, Richard Ashworth, is nothing short of amazing! His program offers a wonderful, in depth introduction into the broad field of personal Feng Shui. The quality, integrity and level of the information and knowledge taught in his presentations and course work brings ancient teachings to life, as well as provides the student with practical Ba Zi tools that integrates both intellectual and intuitive perspectives. Richard’s keen ability to blend complex concepts of space and time, into simple, repeatable patterns along with his insightful and creative application of Ba Zi principles into everyday life situations is inspirational, healing and transforming. The vision and relevancy Richard brings to the curriculum is invaluable to anyone interested in pursuing the study of Feng Shui” Diana, USA. (studies via Skype).

“I first met Richard Ashworth when he charted my ba zi in 2008. He was spot on with my chart by explaining what had happened in my past and what may happen in my future. I then went on to join Richard’s ba zi courses, he is an excellent teacher making the courses both lively, informative and interesting. Richard Ashworth changed my life not only by attending his courses but by making me believe in myself” Janine, UK.

“I feel very privileged to study with Master Richard. His kind and patient approach allows everyone in the room to relax and learn. He sometimes (all the time) even cracked the odd joke! Studying ba zi was a very daunting and exciting prospect as I had no idea what I was getting myself into but with Richard’s guidance I felt comfortable enough to ask questions, express my opinions ang get in touch with the Tao!” Rebecca, UK.

For more details go to: or email:  or call 01483 428998.

I never fail to be astonished by Richard’s relentless and dedicated quest to unravel the secrets of the Ba Zi. His researches have taken him to many parts of the globe to learn from traditional masters and in turn to share his discoveries with them. Few, if any, western teachers would surpass his knowledge of this particular field of Chinese traditional culture. Derek Walters, Author of the Complete Guide to Chinese Astrology.

*full payment to be made by 30/09/14

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