A View from the Roof Beam; what to expect in the Rat Month.

A View from the Roof Beam; what to expect in the Rat Month.

Wood Rat month, Water Snake year.

December 7th 08:21am.



In the Rat month human beings are programmed to overeat. After that we’re supposed to sleep till the opening of the New Year with the Tiger on February 4th. Unfortunately most of us have stuff to do. Few of us even get time to overeat seriously. And some don’t get the opportunity.

In Taoist practice this is a time of regeneration though even Taoists may keep out the cold by scarfing seasonal tang yuan (rice balls) and jiao zi (dumplings). Such confections restore the yang of warmth to our bodies. Perhaps better than turkey and chipolatas.

For many Masters this Rat month opens the Year of the Wood Horse. Obviously changes of year energy do not kick in like a door slamming. They’re more like those jagged lines on QBase; one type of energy changes, then another until the whole thing – still changing moment by moment – is new. The Rat and the Horse are diametrically opposed. The Horse is spontaneous, The Rat considered; the Horse extrovert, the Rat more reserved. The Rat talks deeply and at length, the Horse tends to be onto the next thing already. The Horse is full of bright ideas that the Rat wants to think through all the way before taking action. The arrival of the Horse is pretty irritating to the Rat which tends to wake both up. So expect a month of innovation and inspiration countered by the forces of conservatism; nothing wrong with that by the way. Bring on the Horse!

This month Animal by Animal.

In a Rat month the Ox, Dragon and Monkey are favoured; the Monkey gets focused on a project, more than likely and the Dragon finds his full magical abilities called upon. It’s at one and the same time the waning of the Snake year and the Pig month which could well come as a relief to the average Snake who may have been through the wringer recently. The Horse generally perky, can feel suppressed by the dead cold of Winter. The Ox enjoys unusual influence; don’t waste it. And be gracious.

Every ba zi as I’ve said before, consists of four such Animals; birth in a Rat hour implies a convivial maturity, in the Rat month (ie December) work that involves constant conversation, on the Rat day a sociable nature.

Tigers are generally not keen on the cold or wet but are smart enough to use this time for planning. The Tiger, as you know, never forgets. The Rabbit may in this month of grace as the sun dies and is reborn, lose his or her sense of moderation once or twice. Be as real as you dare. Pigs may be overwhelmed with opportunity – especially those in their first year at university.

The Sheep could be bristling; the Self-Righteous Brothers from the Fast Show behave like Sheep in a Rat month. The Rooster may invent rivals and the Dog travel further than (s)he expected. Best to use this information for self-awareness by the way. 

Where to do what, when and why.

This month’s lo shu is a 1, to do with communication of all sorts. Like all Stars the 1is of itself neutral; communication can be a connecting or divisive force. The implies, fluidity, flexibility and the willingness to negotiate. This may mean there is good reason to negotiate which may not be 100% desirable. For a decent chance of a positive outcome to negotiation place a large crystal to the North all day on the 4th Jan. Pipes – literal and metaphorical – may block. To clear, simply place a bowl of fresh Water at the tai chi. And lag your pipes.


Forthcoming Events: 

Saturday December 14th, Godalming 10am till 5pm.

2014: the Year of the Horse in the Clouds:  I’ll be briefing my Padawans – senior students to you – about next year, animal by animal and corner by corner. T his year you’re invited. It’s a hands-on training day. If you are inspired either to study with me (Ba Zi Training starts Jan) or to have your home or office set up for 2014, we’ll credit the cost of the day (£150) against the price then current. See you then.

Tune-ups: If you would like your home or your office or both calibrated with the energy for 2014 you can book me or one of my Padowans but book soon as the Chinese New Year falls at the beginning of February.

Ba zi Course 2014: If you are inspired to study with me, my Ba Zi Training starts Jan 2014. If you book before Christmas we are offering a £100 discount!

Freestanding hands-on drill: If you feel confident to tune-up your own space for 2014 we will also be releasing DIY notes in the 3rd week of December.

Subscription to Auspicious Dates and Hot Spots: You can also subscribe to Richard’s Monthly Auspicious Dates & weekly Hotspots.

If you are interested in any of the above or are otherwise curious please email: becciimperialfengshui@gmail.com

Richard Ashworth©, late in the month of the Water Pig, Dec 2013.


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