Richard’s Forthcoming Events

Imperial Feng Shui

Sheila here, I thought that whilst Richard is in Singapore that I would just keep you up to date with what he’s going to be doing when he gets back. So….

1. Hitting the ground running oTuesday November 26th, he’s talking at the (London) Kabbalah Centre  to introduce Authentic Chinese Feng Shui and give a very brief overview of 2014, the Year of the Horse in the Clouds; animal by animal, location by location as well as some global – and not so global – forecasts. This is an early and refreshingly inexpensive opportunity to gain the benefit of his dubious wisdom. No prior knowledge of feng shui, Kabbalah, Chinese Metaphysics, horses or indeed clouds is required. To book your place email:

2. Saturday December 14th, Richard is giving his Overview of 2014 in practical and user-friendly detail. This costs £150 – which may or may not seem a great deal of money – and you will emerge with a written sector-by-sector, hands-on, do-it-yourself guide** to how to make best use of the changed energy of 2014, some idea of the extent the force is with you personally and a summary of my take on the Wood Horse. Expect markets to rise for instance, if that’s important to you, England to do rather better at football and greater frankness and spontaneity all round.
This is essentially a training day, originally aimed at my students. Be ready to take notes and ask questions. This will be held n Godalming in Surrey (45 mins from London, Waterloo).
Furthermore, as if that were not bounty enough, anyone consequently moved to book him to review (or Tune-Up) their space for 2014 or register for his next Ba Zi* starter course opening in January, will be refunded the £150 you paid against the then price of the course or Tune-Up.

To sign up to the 14th December email Becci at


3. Ba Zi Starter Course: Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny opens the weekend of the 19th/20th January 2014.
No Chinese Master would dream of surveying a building without prior knowledge of the ba zis -a snapshot of the energies prevailing at the moment of birth –  of those within. How would he know how to treat them? And at the end of the day, surely few of us care about the well-being of a building separate from the well-being of its inhabitants?
Since these energies (or Elements) are cyclical, such a snapshot can tell us a great deal about our likely opportunities, potentials and conundrums at points in the future. Above all it can identify moments of decision; decisions about career, relationship, well-being and much else. And if a decision can be identified, often it can be changed. What we choose, we can unchoose.
So if you are interested in understanding your own decisions and/or those of your family, friends, lovers or enemies, whether professionally or casually, you might usefully consider joining us, whether you plan to study or practise feng shui or not#.

And finally, you can sign on at to receive Richard’s monthly diaries. Sometimes they’re moving, sometimes they’re funny. Occasionally they’re wise. And they generally feature up-to-the-minute feng shui advice.

His daily Tweets can be found at @FengShuiDiaries (don’t get up without them). He is also on FaceBook and Linked In.


Any questions about any of these events can be emailed to


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