Pigs in blankets. Overview of November 2013

Pig Power

Water Pig month, Water Snake year.

Started 7th November 15:45.


Pigs in blankets.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne is a Pig.

That, I hasten to add, is to say that he was born in 1971. One traditional trait of the Pig is to believe they know how other people should behave; perfect qualification, you might say.

The Pig is reckoned to be the most versatile of the Chinese Zodiac. A clue may be in the traditional Chinese character for home: a Pig under a roof. Early dwellings featured two levels: an upper one occupied by human beings and a lower one for Pigs. This way they provided sufficient warmth for the whole building; primitive central heating. As well as this, pigs’ ears became containers, bristle became brushes and string, skin was cured into leather and every other part from feet to eyes, was eaten. Droppings became fertiliser and so on. Nothing of the Pig was wasted. Perhaps this makes the Pig a better though less respected friend than the Dog. As they say of the Great Full English Breakfast; the hen is involved but the pig is committed.

Elementally the Pig is certainly versatile, consisting largely of yin Water with a little yang Earth and the tendency to turn to Wood. The relationship between Water and Wood is sik sun or creativity. So this is a creative animal and a creative time.

In Chinese folklore the Pig is inherently prosperous. And the Pig is one of the four animals related to transport. So this month will tend to feature the movement of large sums of money.

However in a Snake year the Pig is the sui po, the challenger to the Snake. Since both these animals are symbols of mobility, their meeting suggests trouble with transport. Not that that’s a novelty this year. However expect such things to be acute in the next thirty days. And chronic issues – like the US fiscal cliff – apparently settled last month will tend to rear their heads again.

This month Animal by Animal.

In a Pig month the Sheep, Rabbit and Tiger are favoured; the Snake which rules the year however, is the Pig’s nemesis. Hence conflict between them is likely. Something similar applies to the Monkey; doninterfere!

Every ba zi as I’ve said before, consists of four such Animals; one each for the year, the month, the day and the hour. Each has a different nuance. Birth in a Pig hour for instance indicates creative children, in the Pig month (ie November) work that involves displacement.

Pigs suffer what is called the self clash meaning they don’t play well together. This applies equally to a Pig in a Pig month; it may be hard for Pigs to find sufficient space. Dragons may find the everyday world hard to access this month and the Horse may find it dull. The Dog may be tempted to sit on laurels. In many senses it’s been a slow year (the first frost here wasn’t until the 29th Oct, extraordinarily late) So the Rat may be impatient, the Ox distant, the Rooster strangely frustrated. Best to use this information to gain wisdom, by the way, not agreement.

Where to do what, when and why.

This month’s lo shu is a 2, to do with acquisition of all sorts. Like all Stars the is of itself neutral. At auspicious times this acquisition can be of friends, wealth, property and even children. At others it can be of worry, blockages and excess weight. Since the number in the centre of the year magic square is the powerful and volatile 5, we don’t disturb the middle. If the blockage gets too much, make noise and/or music in the North East of your space on the 13th. If you want to acquire more stuff, place Earth (crystals will do fine) in the South West on that day.

Forthcoming Events:

London Kabbalah Centre:on the 26th November I’m giving a talk Introducing Traditional Chinese Feng Shui with my friend Kabbalah teacher Yael Green. Anyone interested in learning feng shui, Kabbalah or the implications of the coming Wood Horse year is welcome. No prior knowledge of any of the above required.

Contact the Kabbalah Centre at London@kabbalah.com

2014: the Year of the Horse in the Clouds: On my return from Singapore where I’ll be finding out what the Grand masters have to say, I’ll be briefing my Padawans – senior students to you – about next year, animal by animal and corner by corner. This year invited. That’s on Saturday 14th December in Godalming. It’s a hands-on training day. The cost is £150 for the day.

To book in email: becciimperialfengshui@gmail.com. See you there.

Ba zi Course 2014: If you are inspired to study with me, my Ba Zi Training starts Jan 2014. If you want to take advantage of the Early Bird, it expires on the 10th November so do book now!

Paul Adkins: Paul has been ploughing his very individual Cornish furrow for some time. His book Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is out this week. The cover appears to feature my student Stacey George who is a pretty (see what I did there?) good reference. www.singingdragon.com/catalogue/9781848191297

Special Note: If you plan to join the ba zi course or have your home or office set up for 2014, we’ll credit the cost of the day on the 14th December (£150) against the price then current.

Richard Ashworth©, late in the month of the Water Dog, Oct 2013.


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