2014: The Horse in the Clouds

2014: The Horse in the Clouds

Whats in store in 2014, the Year of the Wood Horse.


For your diary: 14th December 2013, Godalming. My 2014 review:

On my return from Singapore where I’ll be finding out what the Grand Masters have to say, I’ll be briefing my Padawans – senior students to you – about next year, animal by animal and corner by corner. This year you’re invited. That’s on Saturday December 14th. It’s a hands-on training day. If you are inspired either to study with me (Ba Zi Training starts Jan) or to have your home or office set up for 2014, we’ll credit the cost of the day (£150 or £125 if you pay now) against the price then current. We’ll also be offering a take-home hands-on guide to the feng shui of the year and how to apply it.


Working like a Trojan: the Wood Horse Year.

For some reason Trojans are reckoned to have put in an especially hard day. Consider perhaps what happened to them after all that labour? The Wooden Horse is what.

The coming year, like 2013 extremely fiery, is set fair for business and markets. Expect the Hang Seng, the Dow and the Nikkei Dow (but not the tao) to hit new heights. What goes up however must come down.

The nature of the Wooden Horse – spontaneous and timid, outgoing and cautious, sexy and demure – is some indication: opportunities that open for a moment and are easily missed, hair-trigger decisions that may define a chunk of the future, life-choices that delay could compromise, hidden pitfalls. These are likely challenges. On December 14th I will be much more specific.

These alone could be pretty good reasons to seek guidance. Perhaps if the Trojans had sought some – you may remember the prophetess Cassandra was doomed to tell the truth and never be believed – Helen of Troy might have been much less disrupted. As for the Greeks, don’t start me talking.

Where to do what, when and why.

I’ll also suggest what to do about the opportunities and pitfalls of 2014’s fresh energy. 2013 was technically a 5 year, a return to beginnings when the North East – think Poland, Russia, the Horn of Africa – was the place for rapid profits. This applied equally to the North East of your home, office, community and nation which could – if it wasn’t – have been activated.

Meanwhile the East was more perilous, as anyone living on that seaboard in China (high winds, flash floods) or the USA (mass shootings in Boston, Florida, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC) could tell you.

2014 (a 4 year and therefore about women’s careers, for instance) calls for different methods of activating or defusing.

Don’t be a Trojan; it’s not good for your health.

STOP PRESS: Richard will be talking  Traditional Feng Shui at the Kabbalah Centre, 12, Stratford Place, London W1C 1BB on the 26th November at 7:30pm. All welcome. www.kabbalahcentre.co.uk

Richard Ashworth©, late in the month of the Water Dog, Oct 2013.


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