Doggy Paddle Water Dog month, Water Snake year. Started 8th October.

Doggy Paddle

Water Dog month, Water Snake year.

Started 8th October.


The Water Dog Month

The Water Dog is a working doggy and this is potentially a month of great industry. The Dog is yang Earth, the symbol of loyalty and consistency. Dogs stick to the task and this month has about it that quality of stickability. We should be able to get stuff done.

Swallowing the Moon.

There are two eclipses (19th October and 3rd November) during the Dog month. These are events to approach with great caution. An ancient Chinese folk belief actually holds that an eclipse is the Heavenly Dog swallowing the Moon. The antidote is said to be the striking of bronze objects to frighten the Dog into spitting it out. The word eclipse as used in the Book of Changes also means “regret”. The general rule is to stay indoors throughout.

Derek Walters, probably the most respected Western authority on this subject, tells me: (these eclipses) are “technically unusual; the one in November begins partial, on the west coast of the Atlantic then becomes annular, then curiously becomes total as it passes over 0 long/0 lat, then passes over several warring African states.” Which suggests the turbulence in that part of the world hitting some sort of peak. I invite you to join me in seeing this as signal of resolution.

This month Animal by Animal.

In a Dog month the Horse and Tiger are favoured as is the Rabbit; the Dragon (and his secret friend the Rooster) not so much. Each ba zi (the four markers of our precise time and place of birth) as I’ve said before, consists of four such Animals; one apiece for the year, the month, the day and the hour. Each has a different nuance. Birth in a Dog month for instance indicates effort in the work place; in the hour, parenting skills.

The Dog’s consistency may be experienced as obstinacy by the Dragon who typically finds the Dog slightly dense. In turn the Dog thinks the Dragon bangs on a bit. The smart way to use this information is to know that we may have these tendencies and not be run by them, by the way. Be that as it may, in this Dog month, Dragons may feel frustrated.

The Horse however may be more frisky than at any time since July – especially during the explosive days between the 18th and the 20th when markets could peak. The Monkey risks boredom and the Pig is still as impatient as last month. The Rabbit finds a safe haven, the Tiger (possibly unfair) advantage. The Ox could be tired – take a break perhaps – and the Sheep too. Rats will tend to enjoy the changing of the seasons – October is likely to be wet and warm with a very late onset of frost. Snakes may be in danger of missing the point and the bus.

Where to do what, when and why.

This month’s lo shu has a 3 in the middle which means it is to do with aspiration, a certain type of expansive aggression and the career paths of men. The 3 is the Star of contention. Arguments are likely, especially if you face or occupy the East. But like all Stars the 3 has a positive side; maybe the air needs clearing. If so, brace yourself. Focus in October is South West where deep and honest communication can take place. There may be tears but usually that means healing, doesn’t it?


Louis CK tells why he hates smartphones on YouTube It’s screamingly funny and btw has nothing much to do with IT and everything to do with facing up to purpose.

My 2014 review: On my return from Singapore where I’ll be finding out what the Grand Masters have to say, I’ll be briefing my Padawans – senior students to you – about next year, animal by animal and corner by corner. This year you’re invited. That’s on Saturday December 14th. It’s a hands-on training day. If you are inspired either to study with me (Ba Zi Training starts Jan 18th or to have your home or office set up for 2014, we’ll credit the cost of the day (£150 or £125 if you pay now) against the price then current.

Richard Ashworth©, early in the month of the Water Dog, Oct 2013.

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