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Chop Suey
It’s often said that travel broadens the mind. If you haven’t been to Paris, for instance, you won’t know how fit you have to be to climb to Sacre Coeur. Venice may appear a quaint seaside resort until you realise that it’s not so much by the sea as in it. Similarly unless you have visited New York it may not have occurred to you that Wall Street is a canyon of drafts and shadows where it can be chilly even on the brightest day. Since 9/11  there have been two shadows fewer.
Well before that, more than one feng shui Master identified what is known as “Heaven Chop” between the Twin Towers. Heaven Chop is where two buildings are too close together relative to their height. Traditionally no good follows this. Which of course is not that handy to know ten years after the fact; it is however a matter of record, that in July of 2001, Thai Master Mas Kehardtam at least, advised a client to move out because he saw impending danger.
Every year, about this time, while I am compiling my own forecast for the coming year, I check in with a number of Chinese Masters. Some of them have been doing this for decades and routinely pick impending events accurately. GrandMasters Raymond Lo and Tan Khoon Yong fixed on August 7th 2008 for financial meltdown, for instance way ahead of the event. I haven’t done too bad myself but you’d have to look at my archives to confirm that and native Chinese Masters are of course, unlike me, born with this in their blood. Anyway the fact is that we’re all working from the same raw information and each drawing our own conclusions.

Joey Yap 2012

One such Master is the boy wonder Joey Yap who this year for the third time, comes to London to offer his own hostage to fortune. He is offering his prognosis for 2012 to the public on Saturday October 15th and I can’t recommend him enough. He will amuse and educate you as well as offering an edge for 2012. As well as this, he’s also teaching feng shui and ba zi over the two days following this. I don’t think anyone else apart from me (see below) is offering freestanding authentic ba zi instruction in the UK and our teachings though different, are complimentary.
All his material is worth a look. To book, download this registration form or follow the link on my website.
Stop Press: City safe
A note of reassurance: the City of London unlike Wall Street, runs North-South and so is not dark 20 hours out of 24. It is built on the Roman grid between London Wall and the Thames, both of which are East-West. The disasters that threaten in accordance with the principles of feng shui, are therefore different. Only those buildings that are North of the new skyscrapers are affected by serious  light loss. On the other hand it is clear that banking has become a shadowy business and each new one makes for just a little more shadow.
I will be at Joey Yap’s Predictions on the 15th. Hope to see you there.


Discover the Secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny

Starter professional ba zi course 2011/12


“Why do some people make good decisions and some not?”

I think of the ba zi or Four Pillars of Destiny as a map of our most likely mistakes. Since the Elements run in eternal recurring cycles, the moment of birth can be run backwards or forwards to reveal a person’s choices, potentials, opportunities and as far as such things are possible, their mistakes. Through the prism of the Tao, all of  these things are decisions and if a decision can be made it can be unmade


Richard Ashworth.

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