Rock and Chips: The Real Love Story this Easter

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Rock and Chips:
The Real Love Story this Easter

If you’ve read my book “The Feng Shui Diaries” you’ll remember my daughter Jessie, with the assistance of various forms of mumbo jumbo, winning a big part in the Jane Austen biopic Becoming Jane starring Anne Hathaway. Since then she has been the young Sara Jane as well as advertising breakfast cereals and this weekend is Del Boy’s true love in Rock and Chips, the prequel to Only Fools and Horses. James Buckley from the Inbetweeners plays Del Boy.

Overseas readers: please forgive this very British reference.

Jessie was born on the cusp between the Earth Rabbit of 1987 and the Earth Dragon of 1988. Some would say this gives her the facility to choose between Rabbit and Dragon qualities. Although the day stem ofher ba zi is the fire of the performer, it’s the Dragon ability to wiggle her nose and bring on the limelight, that is fundamental in the extraordinarily competitive industry she works in.
The Dragon whose month this is and who rules the whole of next year is the bringer of sudden change. It lives in the first third (reading clockwise) of the South East and this year that location holds the Blessings of the Sun which is again about career success and letting go of false starts. The Chinese character places the Dragon under a raincloud to signify the tension before a thunderstorm.

So two messages here: one, value that magic Dragon wherever it appears in the South East of your house, even in the date – it brings sudden positive change and two, watch Rock and Chips Thursday 28th 9pm BBC1 and see feng shui at work.



Late News: This programme has gained extra poignancy with the sudden and premature death this week of R&C and OF&H writer John Sullivan. Jessie says she found him extraordinarily sweet, supportive and complimentary. Bless him. R

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