Animal Fortunes: 2011, The Year of the Metal Rabbit

Richard Ashworth

Feng Shui Diary

for the month of the Earth Rat

Tuesday December 7th  2010 13.41 

Hour Day Month Year
Wood Metal Earth Metal
yute tsun mow gung
may muw chee yan
Sheep Rabbit Rat Tiger


Month: Mow chee the Earth Rat
Solar Fortnight: Dai shuut Great Snow

 Animal Crackers

 “If the spring brings the plants back to life and the autumn makes the fruits ripen, these are natural effects produced by the Great Principle operating in everything and not from the merits of the seasons.” Zhuang Tze: Treatise of the Transcendent Master.

 It’s both fatuous and inaccurate to define someone born in the year of the Horse as spontaneous, superficial and extrovert. It’s fatuous because we all have choice and we are something other than the shape we were born into. All sorts of idiot prejudices follow from variations of that dogma. You might as well say that all French people smell of garlic or that obesity is a function of laziness.

It’s inaccurate because the ba zi or Four Pillars from which an individual’s Year Animal is drawn, consists as the name implies, of Four Animals: the Animal (technically known as a branch) of the Year as well as that of the Month, Day and Hour. A ba zi is a snapshot of the prevailing energies at the precise moment of our birth. When we start to factor in the other three Animals we get some sort of picture.

It doesn’t matter much by the way whether we buy into the idea of the Five Elements, yin and yang or the Tao. Through the prism of the Tao, the process, the flow, the Great Principle, it becomes less important whether an idea is true or accurate than whether it is useful.

So it may be that the Horse singled out above was born in the Month of the Monkey, the Day of the Rabbit and the Hour of the Sheep. Taken together the characteristics of these Animals start to tell us something useful. This person has qualities of playfulness, domesticity and idealism to mitigate the in-the-moment and in-your-face of the Horse. Like human beings, the picture is a bit more complex.

All of this is by way of preamble to the very short Animal Fortunes for 2011 set out below. Both feng shui and ba zi are very personalised activities. We are all different. But if you want to make serious use of these homilies, look out your hour of birth as well as the month and year and you may start to get some indications of the year in store that are not ridiculously simplistic. Year broadly relates to heritage, month to work and hour to children and expression. Ba zi is of course a thousand times more complex than that and perversely enough, the most important Chinese characters relate to the Day Animal which you’ll only find by consulting a 10,000 Year Calendar. but if you ask me nicely, I’ll look it up for you.

So set out below are some very brief forecasts Animal by Animal for the year. Forgive their brevity and their bluntness and remember that you are an awful lot more complex, more unique and more precious than any number of Zodiac Animals. And we all always retain choice.

Finally if you think that the Elements and yin and yang are random Eastern inscrutabilities, I can’t think why you’ve read this far but a moment’s consideration of the sequence of the seasons of the year or of the hours of the day underlines the historical fact that these conclusions were derived from observation of nature not the imagination. Nonetheless, I offer these sketches not because I think they are true or false but because they may be useful.


Get Ready for 2011 : Last Orders

If I haven’t surveyed for you for a while, some of what I did may be out of date by now. 2011 is very different to 2010 with a whole new box of feng shui tricks; especially houses facing South East, NorthWest, East and West.

So like last year, I’m offering a very limited number of Tune-Up surveys.

Here’s what happens: I visit you for two hours, locate the new places to work rest and play, as well as avoid or neutralise, do what I can on the spot and leave you with a list of things to do. This year I’ll also leave you with a schedule of dates to activate particular locations at particular moments for particular outcomes during the coming year as well as some indications from your ba zi as to what the year has in store for you.

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Animal Fortunes: 2011, The Year of the Metal Rabbit

The Rabbit

Years:         1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011.

Month*:      March

Hour:          5-7 am

Domestic bliss. All challenges are surmountable including the underhand and those from an unexpected quarter. Opportunities, especially for business expansion, are abundant but time-sensitive and upward networking is advised. Seek out assistance from above you in the food chain. The Rabbit loves a party and those whose influence you seek, do too. Remain discreet but up the ante a little. Be very conscious of the quality of the advice you give because it is likely to be followed. This year you have the peach blossom or plum flower star toe far which makes you irresistible. Use that irresistibility as you will. In July you may find yourself on your own. Remember who owes you a favour.

The Dragon

Years:         1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000.

Month*:      April

Hour:          7-9 am

The balance of your closest relationships may have been upset because of your neglect. If you don’t get your attention out, you could even lose them. Traditionally the Dragon experiences loss of wealth at the appearance of the Rabbit and wealth is not just about money. Solicit advice from those who care about you and whose viewpoint is worth sharing, listen very carefully and follow it. This could be a very demanding year otherwise.

Conversely as this is a year in which you are thrown onto your own resources, if you are clear of your objectives and follow them singlemindedly, this could be the year you break through in all the ways that matter to you.

Work on yourself – learning, growing, integrating – is long overdue. You may find that this is the direction in which you will find not only progress and indeed the prospect of wealth but allies and partners of all sorts. The Dragon is proud and humility is the order of the day. Your family are likely to be your greatest asset and support; do not squander them.

The Snake

Years:         1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.

Month*:      May

Hour:          9-11 am

Speak only well of people. The Snake tends to mistrust because she recognises a streak of unreliability within herself. Speak frankly and openly but with benevolence. This is a year to learn to risk trusting. You may well amass wealth but only with the advice and assistance of others. Plan thoroughly and delegate. Stop sabotaging others and yourself and claiming it was inevitable. Hardly anything is. If thwarted, you may be tempted by illness or by a serious loss of business assets. The fact is that everyone is either in bliss or a sulk and most of us are sulking most of the time. Come off the uncooperative chair and join the party. It is incomplete without you.

This is a year of major success but you will need to be bold. Timidity could be followed by frustration, misunderstanding and illness.

The Horse

Years:         1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002.

Month*:      June

Hour:          11 am – 13.00

The yin wood of the Rabbit fuels the Horse but you need more than that. Be flexible and think strategically, consider the long term however alien or uncomfortable that may be to you. Relationships business, personal and otherwise, are favoured if you will employ your native curiosity and imagination intelligently. There is every chance that in these turbulent times, many will turn to you to save them. If your response is rapid and inventive, you will end the year much further up the pecking order than you started it. The emphasis however is on your adoption of the brainchildren of others rather than your own. If you miss this point, your own endeavours may founder but the odds are that you will get it because in 2011 you just will not be second best. Physical fitness and special care with diet are recommended.

The Sheep

Years:         1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

Month*:      July

Hour:          13.00-15.00

You have been a team player so long that now, when you need the assistance of others, it will not be long in coming; Pigs and Horses are your best bet. You are the anchor, the backstop, the ever-present, you are so important in the lives of others. There may be domestic ructions and your family may at the end of the year be a different shape than when it started. What this means is that now is the time that your associates and family members need you most. Remember this is a two-ended transaction; you have rights and so do they. Broadly you have so much goodwill in the bank that you can not but end the year even more valued than before. If you move house, make it to the North West.

The Monkey

Years:         1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004.

Month*:      August

Hour:          15.00-17.00

The Monkey is mischievous and in 2011 mischief could backfire. You had better have made up for those pranks. You are most likely to succeed if you travel, move house or change jobs and you may already be feeling wanderlust. Take longer holidays than you are used to. The Monkey is the accountant of the Chinese Zodiac but this year you could overestimate your resources; they are not inexhaustible and a really careless Monkey could exhaust them. There is also a risk of your being conned. If so it will be by someone (most likely a Tiger) who has every right to a grudge against you. If you know who or what that is, settle it now. There are major opportunities for formal learning if you have Rat or a Dragon elsewhere in your ba zi. A better year for planning than for pushing the boat out. Be sure your sense of humour leaves no scars.

The Rooster

Years:         1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

Month*:      September

Hour:          17.00-19.00

Relationship trouble to do with broken trust. You brought this on yourself. The temptation to illness, accidents and operations are a consequence you don’t have to fall into. You are aware of those moments of choice when whether to remain healthy or not hangs in the balance. This time you can choose better. Ambitious projects are best shelved until 2012 when the cycle turns in your favour. For the time being, completion and closure are central issues. Boredom, at work especially, is likely but only to mask frustration. Your salvation is the adding of value. Do more for others this year than ever before; especially those to whom you owe nothing. This is also the remedy for your rising outgoings. The weakness of the unbalanced Rooster is skindeep perception. If this applies to you, look harder and embrace real values. There is a helping hand out there if you look: probably male, probably older, probably outside the family. You have nothing to lose.

The Dog

Years:         1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

Month*:      October

Hour:          19.00-21.00

The Rabbit year is a very special one for you. In 2011 you get your way as ever but by way of the compliance of people less influential than yourself. The Dog is consistent, loyal, faithful and stubborn as hell and can be very bossy, as you know. This year you are offered the chance to learn the difference between being commanding and being punitive, a distinction which may have foxed you till now. There are people out there hurting that only you can help. Don’t blackmail them; give your assistance this year without demanding anyone subscribes to your values. Encourage disagreement. If you can get a Dragon, a Sheep and an Ox behind your current project, you can not fail. You may need time alone, perhaps for study. In relationship behave yourself. And remember: if you are alert your assets will grow.

The Pig

Years:         1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.

Month*:      November

Hour:          21.00-23.00

2010 was a year of triumphs and 2011 one of learning which could be formal study or a course in the school of hard knocks. Your family and indeed your home may be bigger by the end of the year. If you move, go South West. There is the possibility of accident or surgery. Such mishaps represent a failure to heed the tao. The Pig is often headstrong which leads you occasionally to sail into a head wind. This year the multiplicity of opportunities may lead to the completion of none. Be part (probably leader) of a team of versatile individuals who speak frankly amomg themselves and above all, listen. Keep your word and honour your commitments, be philosophical about delay and above all accept advice. This way health and achievement lie.

The Rat

Years:         1948, 1960, 1972, 1983, 1995, 2007.

Month*:      December

Hour:          23.00-01.00

You are the innovator of the Chinese Zodiac but the end of the Metal Rabbit may not find you wealthier than before and relationships may suffer as you labour longer than you ought to at the coalface. Make use of your intelligence and ability to communicate if you wish to prosper in this year of relative chaos. This is a good year to qualify in something that will support your progress in 2012 when the force will again be with you. Stay out of the South West unless you are a woman seeking romance. Work on appropriate balance between home and office, work and play, commitment and family. No excuses ! If you need assistance being consistent, ally yourself with an Ox. 

The Ox

Years:         1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009.

Month*:      January

Hour:          01.00-03.00

The Ox is the seeker after truth which means that its neglect is especially corrosive for you. f you have not learned the lessons of 2009 when your influence peaked, you may be heading for disaster. People will only follow you if you make their agendas your priority; bullying and blackmail won’t do it. This year you may feel attacked but if you pay close attention, you’ll know that you brought any opposition upon yourself. The great thing about this realisation is that it offers you opportunities to mend fences and step forward. You may have under-delivered and over-promised; if so, right now is the time to make up for it. This year give no one a fresh excuse to condemn you. You may need time alone to plan and get things into perspective. As Richard Bach said, we teach best that which we most need to learn. So seek out Rats and involve yourself in their concerns. Seeds sown now bear most fruit in 2012.

The Tiger

Years:         1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010.

Month*:      February

Hour:          03.00-05.00

The Tiger never forgets; a favour, an error and most of all, a slight. Sometimes it would be better if you forgot, wouldn’t it? The Tiger is the Animal of the breaking of dawn and has an abundance both of patience and vision. You are again offered resources, human and otherwise but you’ll need to be discerning because it’ll be chaos if you’re not. There are shifting sands beneath you. Be sure to choose for positive reasons as a grudge is a poor motive. Of all the Animals, the Tiger must take care of his health this year especially those born in 1950 and 1998. Overwork is not smart in 2011. Stay out of the South and avoid excessive sunshine and undue stress. Stress by the way is just a fancy word for not doing what you want to be doing.

In relationship, you may be bored; remember that to be bored is to be boring.

* Caution: the Chinese month begins around the 5th. I can look this up for you too.

 Extended versions of these forecasts will be on my website early in 2011. My analysis of the feng shui (that is which places are useful and which dangerous and what to do) will follow that.

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My email address is now: .

Telephone:           01483 428998

©Richard Ashworth 2010

Names have been changed to protect..uh…me.

My website is still at

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