“We are not bound to win but we are bound to be true.”

Richard Ashworth

Feng Shui Diaries

Solar fortnight beginning:

Saturday March 20th 2010 19.59 






















Month:                 gay muw the earth Rabbit
Solar Fortnight:   chun fun Spring Equinox

95%+ of Americans now have healthcare. Told you so: once the Ox Year of blockages was over, Barack Obama was always going to come good. The Clintons couldn’t do it, Jimmy Carter couldn’t, in fact no Democrat since Lyndon Johnson has succeeded in getting major social reform through Congress. Obama still has a big job on this year though: first Healthcare then the US Economy and finally World Peace. That Metal Tiger is a caution. When I am still, I continue to make a point of seeing him at 90, swinging next to Michelle on their porchfront hammock, as he tells his great-grandchildren about his days in the White House. There are few enough spreading the light that we must bless every one of them..

At the end of our garden here there’s a very small apple tree. It’s about five feet high. When we first arrived, my grandson Gabriel attempted to climb it. The tree has two limbs and his mountaineering almost separated them. After he came down, the larger one was sagging like a broken tooth. Fortunately I had some gaffer tape. My mother used to swear by cod liver. For myself I have learned that gaffer tape can solve most problems. So we wound the tape around the limbs and once they were bound, I bit off the tape in the traditional manner. The Rabbit month of course is the month of gentle recovery. There is healing in the air. Yesterday I inspected the tree and both branches are budding. Gabriel’s doing pretty good too.

Waking the Rabbit.

Then on Friday along with my retainer clients and those of you I let into the secret, I was up at 5am to wake the Rabbit. Waking the Rabbit might sound like something to report to the RSPCA or a new Noel Edmonds game show but Muw, the Rabbit of course is a point on the compass: due East, right on the cardinal point. This location is sometimes called East 2. In the 8 Year 2010, the East is especially powerful and fortuitous. To activate it with movement, noise and action at precisely the right moment, may be as effective as a legion of feng shui remedies and placements.

We now have a small new water feature which is pretty much precisely aligned with the Temple of the Winds a mile or so away through the mist, on top of the North Downs, at 800 feet the highest point for miles. The Temple which is a look out point from which you can on a clear day, see 30 miles South to the Channel, forms the incoming dragon or source of chi for this house. It has been a signalling beacon since prehistory.

As if to emphasise the power of this ritual, Nigel who has stuck with his green net business* (nigelsecostore.com) through thick and thin, sends me an email entitled “A Funny Thing”:

Well, not that funny, he writes, I Turned off the water feature (as instructed) in the SE in prep for ‘7 star robbery’ tomorrow, and 2 unexpected cheques arrived in the post today, plus an email offering funding for staff….

Well hurrah. After laying it on thick last time that I myprincipal task is healing, I am reminded just how practical healing can be. More money; why not? It’s just a facility.

Roman is even more expressive:

 I switched on the new improved water feature today at 05:00. Client is arranging £11,750 deposit by bank transfer today and we begin work on 19th April….another client is agreeing further works and payment terms….that project starts on 12th April…Thanks Richard…it’s obviously all your fault.

 Feng shui is all about water but it is essentially about which water, where and when.

Roman has been through the ba zi mill, admitting undignified things about himself that he never previously suspected and he has big things to do that go beyond building. His partner the gorgeous Paula, is of course the brains behind this.

The Earth Tiger month in the Metal Tiger year often signals the justification of the unjustifiable: England footballers betraying one another, corrupt MPs exempt from prosecution, blindfold waterboarding as a leisure pastime for the illegally detained, and that sort of caper. So while we are talking predictions, you may recall that my Year Forecast suggested that 2010 was the year that banks would achieve quasi-nation status. And swipe me, we have Goldman Sachs securitising the Greek national debt to get them into the EC. The scamps!

Remember also that I said there’d be two General Elections this year just like the Tiger year of 1974. These parallels between years can be very literal. Once the debate goes beyond who’s got the best jumpers and the winningest smile, the outcome is going to look so much less cut and dried. Remember where you heard it first.

* He sells ingenious green gadgets to reduce your fuel bills and save the planet. His 2010 Greatest Hit was a device for getting more heat out of radiators.

Long Distance Operator.

I have been working with David Stevens, a gifted healer who was passed to me by a friend whose son he relieved of an unidentified stomach problem. David (www.chirokinetictherapy.com) and I have worked together a couple of times. Last week he rang me to ask if I would draft a ba zi to help focus a distance healing for a young girl who has been bedridden with sores and unable to go to school all year.

I told him as a default, that the best time to focus at a distance was probably the Ox hour 1-3am, when the wall between the worlds is thinnest.

A ba zi of course tells me what elements someone needs at any given time. Hers was very unbalanced, virtually without wood and fire. And I could identify the tensions between her parents (one was gung ho for alternative therapy, the other insistent on the linear) and the types of ailments she was susceptible to as well as the years they might set in.

She improved. David contacted me again : she was not taking in the nutrients she needed. So I suggested that he distance heal on days ruled by the elements she needed. I gave him a series of times. He rang me this afternoon to tell me she was back to school.

Commercial Break

My friend Master Howard Choy is taking another group to China this year. Stops include the holy mountain of Wudanshang which I visited with him in 2005. At its summit, the jade-green Taoist temple receives the homage of the 72 lesser mountains in the range, stretching out to the horizon in three directions. Howard is a feng shui and tai chi Master as well as a Native Mandarin speaker who knows and loves the territory. Details from: http://howardchoy.wordpress.com http://www.arqitektur.com

Meanwhile back in the Home Counties, my 2010 ba zi course opens on April 24th in Guildford. It’s made up of four weekends of which this is the first. Little that I do is not rooted in the lessons of the ba zi or Four Pillars of Destiny and for a variety of reasons this course is still very small. If you would like to study the magic of ba zi in a very small group, we can still include you. No deep knowledge of feng shui is required. You might even get to see the apple tree.

And I’m pretty much recovered, thanks for asking.

New email address. Please Note :Following last week’s excitement when we apparently sent out several hundred links to a Viagra supplier, my default email address is now: richardashworth@imperialfengshui.info. Delete any hotmail addresses. The Google ones still work.

©Richard Ashworth 2010

Names have been changed to protect..uh…me.

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