Richard Ashworth’s Feng Shui Tune-Up for 2010

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Richard Ashworth

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Solar fortnight beginning:

Tuesday December 22nd 2009 01.40


Hour  Day Month Year
metal metal fire metal
tsun tsun bing gung
chou chou tze yan
ox ox rat tiger
Month:                 bing tze the fire Rat  
Solar Fortnight:   dung jee Winter Solstice  

 Richard Ashworth’s Feng Shui Tune-Up for 2010 

 Tiger Raw

As promised here is what to do and where to do it in 2010.. My daughter Jessie calls this «Where to put stuff to get stuff » It doesn’t make racy reading. 

Below  is the matrix of how I Tune-up a building for 2010:

 The magic square or lo shu has an 8 at its centre this year. Usable sectors are marked in red and not-so good in black. You locate them by finding the tai chi or heart of your house (the geometric centre) and standing there with a decent compass. You’ll find the tai chi by measuring the widest width by the longest length; where the lines cross is the heart. Feng shui is a very personalied thing: bear in mind that this advice refers only to the pockets of energy for 2010 which are the same in every house. Some aspects of this advice may not suit you or your house; you would need me there to be quite sure. So I’m not to blame if you are for instance oriented NE-SW and you get a plague of boils. Oh and I never said it was easy to follow. Okay?


                                       7       3       5

                             E       6       8       1        W

                                      2       4       9


 1.      De-activate the South East (Water to SE3)

Remove temporary plants, lights, music or crystals placed there  in 2009 as the SE now holds the aggressive Red 7 Star. There may be reasons to maintain activation but the implications of  exciting the 7 Star must be borne in mind. Ground falling away will naturally activate the South East as will water both ofwhich stimulate communication but higher ground in the     South East is physically dangerous this year. Auspiciously timed and placed Water at SE3 (the Snake) where the Moon  sits will encourage ideas to turn to money.

2.      Do not disturb the South West which holds the Year Breaker as well as the 5 yellow. No decorating and especially no  digging, drilling or excavation. If disturbance is absolutely inevitable, ask me for an auspicious moment. This applies even  if the 5 has been banished using the prescribed procedure   during January. Avoid using doors in this location.

3.      Activate the East which holds the 6 of authority and establishment. Activate W1 simultaneously at an auspicious moment to maximize the benefit. Work, play and open doors here. Light and plants are especially effective .

4.      Activate the West 1  for talk and celebration, timely assistance and last-minute preparation. Noise: as loud as you like. No water. Activate W1 simultaneously with E for optimum results at auspicious moment. Work, play and open doors here. Metal objects, the colour white, globes and circles will work here.

5.      East-West Ritual Place three candles in the E and seven at  W1 burning constantly plus a bowl of (new moon charged) crystals to keep these sectors integrated. Fine tuning: take three crystals from East to West at dawn and seven back to West at dusk. Balance the numbers of crystals at new moon.

6.      South: judicious use of S1 & S3

The South holds the argumentative 3 star as well as the Three Curses, making it an area to be cautious of. Both S1 and S3 however can be used to effect breakthrough (and indeed conception) with careful activation. The default quality of the fire of the South is fame and advancement but fire will have a personal significance in each ba zi. Make it light and bright.

7.      North: trigger appropriately along with West.

Carefully placed and timed water will activate career, authority, 0pportunities, relationship and control. Other activation of the  North brings only scandal. The more water and the more active  the more power in 2010.

8.      Use the North West

 The North West is the key from 2009-2011: work, play, open door or window here for wealth. From Jan 5th burn six candles all day here including at least 3 of the hours of darkness.

9.      Keep the tai chi quiet and still.

10.    Stay out of the tai sui in the North East

Sickness and property follow the 2 Star. SW-NE oriented houses risk financial dramas. Avoid using doors here. Higher ground and the taller parts of the building bring property luck out of illness if in the NE. Lower rooms and water the reverse.

 I hope you find this useful.

Next fortnight, the year animals and after that at last my diaries will again be magical, chatty, wise and literate. Watch this space.

 ©Richard Ashworth 2010

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