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Solar fortnight beginning:

Friday November 7th 2009 15.10


Hour Day Month Year
fire fire wood earth
bing bing yute gay
shen hoi hoi chou
monkey dragon pig ox

Month:                                 yute hoi          the wood Pig
Solar Fortnight:                lap dung         Winter begins

High Spirits.

 I appear to have some early crocuses growing in the pot with the Hibiscus plant I rescued from the frost in October. There’s a metaphor for you.

Maggie is a psychic healer and she’s tired. As I walk into her top floor apartment I am struck both by how small it is and the power of the energy. There are sacred symbols all over the place: Norse Gods, Buddhas, Kwan Yin, the whole Hindu pantheon. Many are what she later calls “alive”. Clutter schmutter; the whole place is alive.

On her wall is a family tree.

“Goes back to the 8th century,” she tells me.

It starts with Vikings; some pretty interesting Vikings, including Somerled, the first Lord of the Isles and some very distinguished Normans. I point out that her ancestor Simon de Montfort invented democracy as we know it in the Wood Ox year of 1265. It was de Montfort who called the Barons’ Parliament, some fifty years after Magna Carta. Although he took the precaution of kidnapping the King (Henry III) the monarch’s son Edward, (later Edward I) stalked de Montfort and defeated and killed him at the Battle of Evesham. De Montfort’s genius was that he insisted not only that all the representatives at his parliament should be elected (which was a first) but also that the assembly included commoners. This invitation to burgesses or local grandees recognised that political power was passing from the landowners to trade and virtually invented the Middle Class that is so generously represented in her family tree.

“Are you taping this?” Maggie asks in a voice that sounds a little strict. She used to be a Maths teacher.

“Er.. yes. Okay.”

 “How do you know all this?”

“I’ve been following my nose so long, I usually know what I need to know when I need to know it,” I say. “I just find this stuff so interesting.”

“Me too,” she says.

Some of the holy figures feel contrary: I recommend she jettisons several African ones which are resentful. Resentment is not her poison. In the East corner is an unambiguous Kali in the birthing position. While Maggie writes, I negotiate awhile with Kali and I leave her a devotional haematite. You don’t mess with Kali.

The building was part of the development of a parcel of land sold by a titled family in1866. From my standpoint most of the house is still in 1866 as no serious refurbishment has taken place. This means that the building’s natal chart dates from Fate 1 which started in 1864: the house is itself pretty tired.

The Chinese divide time up into Fates of 20 years (approximately or precisely, depending on the teaching you follow) This means that the pockets of energy as well as being a little dilapidated may be in either their 1866 or their 2009 locations or both. Maggie’s flat hovers between the Fates: the front room is untidy and as cluttered a place as I have been in but it’s a wonderful healing space. The 8 Fate which runs from 1996 puts the healing Mountain Star here so this figures.

Somebody once told me that feng shui is 90% housework. He was mistaken.

My inclination is to lift and sort and define, even hoover. But that would be all wrong. There is a lattice of benevolent energies running from figure to figure, altar to altar, crystal to crystal which I’m not about to disrupt. What I must do is find precisely those spots which when activated will help her. There is a wonderful uplifting place by the French windows that lead out onto the terrace to the South West. It is presided over by the Egyptian deities, Anubis, Isis and Sekhmet. The Chinese call such a hot spot a xue or pearl. There’s a trick we can do here with water.

“Isis adopted me,” she says. I can see that.

We agree to place water in the South West at a specified moment before the change of year so as to help Isis and the others bring Maggie company. Feng shui is doing the right thing in the right place at the right time and without intervention the South West isn’t going to be so great next year. This trick which will convert the dud South West to fruitfulness in 2010 must be done before February. There is a perfect moment shortly before that. All my retainer clients will know this moment in good time as will all those for whom I do an annual tune up before February 4th.

In Maggie’s flat the Plum Flower or Irresistible Star in the West can be co-opted in the New Year too. We will place a rose quartz bowl next to Osiris. In the bowl are a crystal heart and a small piece of moldavite.

“What are they for?” Maggie asks matter-of-factly.

“When you leave the flat, you take the heart. When you return you put it back.”

“Okay. And the moldavite?”

“When you find someone worth it, he gets the moldavite. Same rules.”

“And the frog becomes the prince?”


It’s great to meet someone at home with metaphor.

Maggie has done a lot of good work.

“Sometimes I heal misery and hurts, sometimes actual lumps and things. Hard to argue when those just disappear.”

I know it doesn’t work quite like that but she deserves to be happy.

“It’s actually best when I don’t know what I’m doing.”

I understand; I really do.

Maggie would like to do stand up comedy; not necessarily what you’d expect of the average psychic healer. I notice that she has a certain turn of phrase and recognises the absurd when she sees it.

Her charge of £80 an hour, for instance, is maddeningly indivisible by three. If a one hour session runs on by twenty minutes, she doesn’t know what to charge. So she aspires to £90, she tells me, because it divides by three. Her warmth and gentleness is hard to miss.

Maggie’s phone rings often. It clearly pains her to leave it but she lets voice mail take over out of deference to me. She is lonely, she tells me: partly because she is an unusual woman and partly because she has not bothered with relationship.

“I’ve never had much chance,” she says.

I remind her that this is no answer but she knows all that.

One of her gifts is a physical empathy: “If a feeling enters with them and I didn’t have it before, I conclude it must be theirs,” she says.

This of course is a powerful asset; we all want others to know how we feel. I know this territory and now I feel distress and it doesn’t belong to me. Dreadful sapping tiredness. I tell her.

“Mine,” she says and purses her lips. “I feel as if I am always on duty. I can’t stop. I have to make everything right, If I start I have to finish.”

“I understand,” I say. I really do.

It is one minute to four. There is silence. Then her clock, which chimes with the call of a different wild bird at each hour, howls. I have no idea which bird that is.

“Where is money?” she asks.

“The 8 Fate Water Star is at your bedroom window,” I say. We put Laxmi Goddess of wealth there, in a position that ties her in with the water in the front room. Meanwhile we activate the last of the South East energy for 2009 for further prosperity then the South for recognition; Maggie has a book coming out in 2010. I labour not to trip over things as I work. We place my customised cure of 9 objects here in the South: red, pointy, relevant, and bathed in light all day and at least three hours of darkness.

Money, love: no trick. Let’s get this show on the road.

Know the Metal Tiger. Know yourself.

Richard will be teaching ba zi again in 2010 : four weekends starting February.

Join us by contacting Sheila at : admin@wingsagency.co.uk

Richard Ashworth © 2009

Names have been changed to protect..uh…me.

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