Opening the Yi: A day of introduction to The I Ching or Book of Changes

Welcome to Imperial Feng Shui

Opening the Yi:

A day of introduction to The I Ching or Book of Changes

with Richard Ashworth

Saturday 28th November 10am to 6pm

The Oldest Book in the World.

The Book of Changes or Yi Jing, is at least three thousand years old. Often referred to in the West as the I Ching, it is generally considered the oldest book in the world and is probably more central to Chinese Culture than a combination of Shakespeare and the Bible to ours: interesting attributes for what is essentially a book of divination.

What do we mean by divination? We mean perhaps something like finding answers to our deepest questions by some route other than logic. A similar approach is used in both feng shui and ba zi and no serious practitioner of these arts can safely remain ignorant of the Yi.

All traditional Chinese culture derives from the Book of Changes. Cookery, Martial Arts, Medicine, Calligraphy, Literature, Music. It is quite a statement but the fact is that there are no exceptions to this.

Answers to our deepest questions.

On the 28th we will look at the history of the Yi and its origins in the attempts of the diviners of the Zhou Dynasty to give the Emperor an edge with advice that could be gained no other way. In those days what was needed were answers to questions like “Should we attack or tolerate our neighbours?” and “Can we rely on the river to flood on time?” Today we are more likely to ask what will happen if we quit our job or risk committing to a relationship but the Yi is still the best resource for the “What if?…” question. It is like having a wise and ancient best friend to consult.

An Introduction to Interpretation.

We will explore the various ways of consulting the Yi: coins or yarrow sticks? Mei Hua or Na Jia or some other method? How do we interpret? How do we know we’ve got it right? How can my interpretation be as good as Confucius’? How do I use the Yi in ba zi, in feng shui, in my daily life?

What do I get?

Participants will emerge with the skill to consult the Yi and at least the beginnings of how to interpret. No deep knowledge of Chinese culture is required but an enquiring spirit and an open mind is essential. 

Location: Castle Street Clinic,Castle Street,Guildford,Surrey.

Price: £150 or £100 to my students.


or visit Richard’s website:

 © 2009 Richard Ashworth

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